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Mimijumi Bottles

I know there's a threat where we discussed different bottles that we intend to use or are using, but I've only seen one comment about the mimijumi bottles and it wasn't really detailed. I would just like to get some reviews from the ladies that chose these bottles. I have Done a bit of research, but it wouldn't hurt to get more info from you ladies. The bottles are costly so I would like to find out if they are really worth it.

I need to start pumping and introducing LO to the bottle as I am going back to work on the 5 th of May.

Re: Mimijumi Bottles

  • I haven't used these but they certainly are expensive. Do you have any reason to think LO won't take other less expensive bottles? Some babies are picky and have trouble with the bottle, some aren't. I registered for a couple different brands thinking it would be an issue but LO hasn't had a problem (so far, I say that because she did develop a pacifier preference out of the blue so I'm sure she could change her mind about bottles). I use Chicco and Dr. Brown's bottles. 

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    We have tried using a pacifier with no luck. she refuses to take it, so I am scared that we might have a problem with bottle feeding.
    I have heard and read that these bottles feel more little a boob and reduces nipple confusion.

    I also thought they would make the experience more easier as I've heard that it can take a long time for baby to get used to the being bottle fed.  

    I just wanted something that will make things easier for myself and LO.

    I am willing to try other bottles too. 
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    I got a few different bottles for the same reason, and my little guy likes all of them. He doesn't like pacifiers at all, though admittedly we haven't tried very hard to convince him. My husband always just uses the Avent bottles we got as freebies for registering at Target and Amazon. I'd say don't spend too much until you get some indication your LO is fussy about bottles. As long as milk is coming out, my son is happy. We haven't had any issues with nipple confusion. We waited until he was a month old, and my husband always does paced feeding with him (holding him upright and the bottle horizontal, and taking breaks frequently to burp/gauge hunger).
  • Thanks @klbh.
    I will be sure to try other bottles before uneccesarily spending on these ones.  
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