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Hi everyone! We are traveling to see some family this weekend and I have a question about sleeping in Pack N Plays. We used the upper part of the Pack N Play (the mesh part that zips and holds the mattress about 12" from the top) when she was really young. Now that she is 8 months I am worried that it is too close to the top and she would be able to crawl out. Is it safe for her to sleep in the very bottom of the Pack N Play or is that only used as a "play area"? 

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  • You can definitely use the bottom part as a bed. I think it's more useful as that than a play area anyway, since they are usually relatively small. For mine, it's the same mat that goes on the top or bottom so it's the same difference.

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    I agree with PP. You can definitely allow her to sleep in the bottom. It actually looks pretty comfy.

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  • Thank You! 
  • the bottom is meant for sleeping as well, and frankly i've used it for my son even when he was younger, as the higher setting was too wobbly, he woke every time he moved, because it moved so much. 
  • You shouldn't use the mesh that keeps it at the top after they are 15 lbs. LO can sleep on the bottom in fact I just moved mine to his crib in his room. He slept with me, then it was the pack n play in my room. The last 3 weeks he's been in his room. 
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  • I bought a pack n play mattress for the lower part for baby to sleep in when we travel. 
  • I bought a pack n play mattress for the lower part for baby to sleep in when we travel. 
    Where did you buy the pack and play mattress ... Is there a particular brand? Do you replace it with what came with the P&P or put it on top?? Thanks for advice !
  • @jasmineluke you can find them on Amazon and I think they have a few at babies r us. I recently just let my brother use my pac n play to sleep in for my niece who is almost 2. You keep the pad that comes with the pax n play and then the mattress on top. I believe it was called "Dream on Me" foam mattress pad 
  • Oh yes definitely. Some versions don't even have the top. 
  • You don't have to have an extra mattress for them to sleep in the bottom.
    Also, many people don't even have a crib. Their LOs sleep only in a pack and play.
  • Same as a crib.
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