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A good problem I think, but a problem nonetheless

So, I'm a FTM, and it's looking like I will be having four showers.  Yes four.  No, none of them were my idea, just between church, work, out of state (old hometown) family/friends, and the local barrel racers (equine association)... Someone from each group has told me I'm getting one.  I'm feeling very thankful and blessed but they all want a list of people to send invites to, outside of the obvious within that particular group.  I'm thinking of just saying there really isn't anyone to gibe them since it really will all be covered but I don't want it to come across ungrateful or seem like, "well I'm going to be getting another shower anyway" kind of thing.  I really wasn't expecting this many so I'm sort of at a loss how to handle it.  

Re: A good problem I think, but a problem nonetheless

  • antoto said:
    Just give each host a list of the people you want at that specific event.  Obviously don't overlap.  Easy peasy.  Have fun.
    This. Boom. Done. Enjoy your showers!
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  • VORVOR member
    Just tell them that you have people hosting other showers for you and that it's very important to you that no one is invited to more than one shower, so "here's the list of people for this shower.  Thanks SO much!!". 

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