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Reduced feeds and timing

Hi all
Baby girl is 10 weeks and in the last week has started feeding for shorter intervals - are you guys finding the same thing? Is it just efficiency??
She also feeds less regularly and at times when she would take the breast she is now refusing it quite adamantly! There was one day where she just wasn't accepting it for a good few hours?! 
is this normal??

Re: Reduced feeds and timing

  • My LO is formula fed, and just turned 14w today.  He is starting to feed less, but eats 4.5-5 oz. at each feeding.  We were having 8 bottles a day just a few weeks ago, but he is now consistently having 6.  There have been a few days where he's had 5.  

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    My baby has started doing this exactly!!! One day we were out and I went to feed him and he would refuse to eat for more than just a few minutes no matter what I tried he screamed. When I wasn't trying to feed him he was happy as could be and plenty of wet diapers so I just let him do his thing. He turned 11 weeks yesterday and for the past week has spent about 30 mins less a day feeding than he was previously. I was really stressed out about it but I'm trying to follow his cues as he's happy and having a ton of wet and dirty diapers still. But it definitely freaked me out at first! Haha 
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  • I have the opposite problem. My DD is 12 weeks and is still cluster feeding in the afternoon/early evening. We seem to have a daily ritual (more like argument) of this on the breast off the breast throw up scream on the breast, and it repeats over and over for hours I've talked to the Dr, the nurse, and the lc. They all have very different theories of what is happening and I have zero clue of hw to help her. I go back to work in about 2 weeks and I don't know what to do
  • Oh sounds identical! She'll feed for 5 mins and feed well but removes herself. I give a winding or change nappy and to again and its a complete aversion to the breadth! You'd swear I was offering her rocks the fight she puts up so like you im going with it! She's happg, gaining weight and plenty of nappies! Is your little one going longer between feeds too ?
    This morning I stirred her for feed about five as I was uncomfortable but here we are three hours later and she's not hungry. Means extra pumping! 
  • My LO has always been efficient and has only gotten more so. He can eat for 5 minutes and completely drain my boob. The pediatrician said that this is the time where they have figured it out and get super efficient. He also goes 3 hours between feedings sometimes which is way longer than he used to. As long as he is gaining and making wet and poopy diapers I'm not worried :)
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