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Overstimulated while outside

LO is 9 weeks old and seems to get very overstimulated when we sit or go for walks outside. Anyone else dealing with this and is it normal? 

Re: Overstimulated while outside

  • Overstimulated how? Is the kiddo falling asleep constantly or getting super excited? My littles both slept whenever we went outside for a few months until they were able to deal with everything going on. I wouldn't worry about it.
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  • Yeah, mine usually passes out within a few minutes of going outside.  It's one of the few ways I can get him to take a nap
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  • We found that while we were in Mexico. We'd be in the shade with a breeze and he didn't seem/feel hot, but after a couple hours he would NOT nap and just scream until we were back in side, at which point he'd pass out. We chalked it up to too much stimulation since those were his longest periods outside (we're in cold Canada).
  • LO won't sleep on walks (unless we're inside a store) and just gets very fussy by the end. I would say it's totally possible the outside is overstimulating.
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