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BF friendly Dresses?

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any one having as much trouble as I am trying to find a cute Easter dress for yourself that is also breastfeeding friendly? or anyone have any cute finds they want to share? 

Re: BF friendly Dresses?

  • I ordered this.  Should be here tomorrow - no idea how it will look on
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  • I bought this dress for my sister in laws wedding in the purple. Love it! super flattering too. 
  • Depends on weather but, spaghetti strap maxi dresses work! I have a really cute floral print one I wore for my cousins marriage reception.  
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    Thank you ladies for the recommendations! One of these will definitely work! 
  • Zulily has great deals on nursing clothes fairly often, but you have to order way ahead because shipping takes forever. 
  • Spaghetti dresses usually work as you can skip the strap off and then free a boob, v necks are also great and the wrap style. 
  • I have a dress from target that zips down the front. It's not for nursing or anything but if I still fit into it I'll totally use it for that lol
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