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Hi all! While I'm not planning on a water birth and am not ruling out pain meds at this point, my hospital does offer Jacuzzi tubs in the L&D rooms for pain management. Just wondering if anyone else had experience with this and whether it helped at all with contractions. Also...should I be wearing a bathing suit?! I'm not very modest, but I don't want to strip down and get the side eye if most women wear something! (If so, any suggestions for places to find cute swimsuits? Mine obviously do not fit and I didn't like any of the ones I looked at from Motherhood Maternity).

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  • My birthing center has tubs in each of their rooms and I was told that most people using the tubs there just end up in a bathing suit top or sports bra and nothing on the bottom. Obviously though it's whatever you're most comfortable with. I don't think anyone would give you the side eye (at least I hope not). :)
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  • I'm pretty sure I'll just be getting naked. Mostly because I can barely stand having clothing cover me now, let along when I'll be stressed, hot and in pain (assuming I actually get a VBAC). Also I have zero fucks about who sees me like that because at that point all I will care about is whats happening, not how I look. And the only other people who should be in the room with me are family and a MW, who will have seen it all before. 
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  • I'm having a water birth and plan on wearing a sports bra, and I have no idea what/if I will wear anything on bottom during the early stages of labor.
  • At my natural birth class, they said the tubs are equivalent to the relief of narcotics in terms of pain relief.

    In all the birthing videos, the ladies are just wearing a bra.
  • Yes, use the tub!!!! I got naked, no one but hubby and my midwife saw me in there, and it was dark anyway. But I know gals will often wear a sports bra or bikini top. I'll take my bikini top with me, but.... eh.
  • JoMunson said:
    I'm a FTM so I don't have direct experience, but I'm also pretty modest so I was worried about getting in the tub/laboring without covers. Lots of women said they used robes until they went into primal brain for labor and then they didn't think about it at all. My birth teacher said you can tell how far along a woman is in labor by how many clothes she has on.
    i plan on bringing a robe and I have a bathing suit for the tub with a long tube top shirt for coverage, but I've also resigned myself to the fact that I might get naked and God's probably cool with that.
    lol Yes. I'm also very modest. I was butt naked at the end. No one batted an eye.
  • Thanks for all the input ladies! The bit about knowing how far along a woman is in labor by her amount of clothing really made me laugh :) I'll probably go with a sports bra and maybe just some underwear I don't mind ruining because I might feel a bit icky putting my bare bum in a tub other than my own!
  • **Lurking from June**

    I got in the jacuzzi tub when I was in labor with DD1. It was great! I believe I had a bra on, but it's very possible I didn't. By that point, even the most modest of women don't care!   :D

    I will say that you may be asked to forget the underwear. If the nurses/doctors need to check you, they don't want underwear or bikini bottoms in the way. 

  • I used the tub with both my kids, I just wore a bralette top-isn't as tight as a sports bra, but same sort of style. Nothing on the bottom. 
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    Haha! @saraleigh2 that made me laugh out loud! I'll make sure to pack his ;) And good point, @scotten...I didn't think about being checked. Be gone underwear!
  • Top only, but nude is acceptable too.... It's your SO that will need the bathing suit if they are getting in w/you. Naked non-patients are usually no allowed  ;)
    THATS why in all the birth videos the guy is always wearing shorts!!
  • Thanks to all the replies! Especially since I felt kind of silly asking :) In general, thanks for being kind and not taking an opportunity to be nasty for no reason...I posted today about my baby dropping because the "What to expect" book says that this is a sign for some women that labor is 2-4 weeks off and I asked whether this were true so that I can start to plan for coverage at work if she does in fact come earlier than my due date (I have suspected all along that my due date is actually a week off because I always measure a week ahead). I then said that I was hoping to keep her in full term (but stated that 37 weeks as full term, because that is what my doctor had told me...again, FTM, I don't know everything), but that if she came before 40 weeks that I'd be happy to see her. Well I got absolutely slammed by other posters--they were making me feel like a terrible person that I may be okay with not going 40 weeks as if I was hoping for a premature baby just so I could be done being pregnant! (which I in no way shape or form said). This was the first time I had people on this board be so hateful--it really shocked and hurt my feelings!
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