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Night Terrors at 9 months?

DD has woken up twice in the last couple of weeks screaming. Last night's was the worst - just about hyperventilating. She was sound asleep and all of the sudden screaming like I've never heard before. When I picked her up, I could tell she was still asleep and it wasn't until she woke up that she was able to calm down. Nothing physically was wrong.

I know this can be common in children, but I am surprised this early. Anyone else in the same boat?

Re: Night Terrors at 9 months?

  • Not to us, but have had known friends who have dealt with them - so sorry you and LO are going through that. Must be so scary :(
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  • Yep. With DS and LO, they started at 6 months. DS had them more frequently,  maybe once a month? And he had one a night for a week straight when we moved. But then he grew out of them around 2. LO has only had 3-4 total. Screaming, arching their back and being unconsolable are common. With DS, if they lasted more than 20 min, we would wake him, slowly. We had one last 45 min. That was rough.

    Even if you're totally against CIO, I recommend reading Dr. Ferber's book. There is a section that explains night terrors (confused arousals) that I found helpful.
  • Thank you! I will check out the book. 
  • I thought our little guy was having night terrors, although after reading a bit more about it I suspect it's nightmares instead. He will suddenly burst out crying and thrash around a bit, but doesn't seem alert enough to be a night terror. Thanks for the recommendation "Sammy K" 

    another site I found helpful was kids health
  • Yes, we had night terrors for a short while around 6-7 months. Lo's pedi said his kid still has them at 6 years and has no clue anything happened in the morning. Just something they have to work through and to let them keep sleeping unless it lasts over 20 minutes. 
  • That must have been really scary :(. From what I've read, it's best not to pick them up when they're having a night terror - which doesn't sound easy! 
  • Oh yeah. I  think there's a correlation between night terrors and sleep walking and talking. DH does both and had night terrors, so at least we're prepared. If your LO gets night terrors, you may have a future sleep walker!
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