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Time is almost up

I had my son July 2013. He stayed in the high position all pregnancy. He was born 1 week and 1 day "overdue". I had cervical gels to soften my cervix for a week, and then was induced with cervadil. He stayed high. I was stubborn and wanted to try to push him down.. I pushed for an hour an half. I had 4 more hours before I reached my limit after my water was broken. Went in for a csection and he was head down, but tummy up. He was basically stuck. 

Now im pregnant again, due Father's Day. My doctor knows that id prefer a VBAC.. He said they don't recommend inducing. I think that's controversial.. But for the sake of this post, lets pretend that's my only way. I do like my doctor and dont want to switch. He recommended that we schedule out the csection.. Keep an eye on her weight, position, and my cervical stages.. And we can always cancel the csection when the time comes. I'm wondering, because I didn't give birth vaginally, but I labored completely.. Would this baby have a chance to come earlier? Most days she's positioned extremely low.. So I'm hoping she becomes engaged sooner. What are your thoughts or insight? 

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  • I haven't vbac'd yet but am researching it a lot for my baby's birth in May. Most Dr's will not induce as using drugs can up the chances of uterine rupture. I found this chart comparing vbac tolerant Dr's to vbac friendly Dr's, and it was really helpful to me. I ended up switching practices last week when my original Dr told me they were changing their vbac policies and placing more stipulations on trying.
    Here is a link to the chart:

    I obviously am no expert, but this is my 4th baby and I can tell you no two labors are the same. I would ask for a TOLAC (trial of labor after csection) as you did labor all the way through. Hoping things work out for you!
  • If he wants to schedule a csection he sounds like he isn't super vbac friendly. I'd be prepared to be firm in your decisions or look for a new ob. I'm seeing my ob from my first two for most of my pregnancy but delivery with a vbac midwife at a different hospital. 
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  • My OB practice, luckily, is fine with inducing for a VBAC. That is how I had my second daughter (I'm now pregnant with our third child). They did a foley induction to get me up to 3-4 cm dilated, then put me on the lowest possible dose of pitocin to get me contracting. Once they broke my water, everything went quickly and I was able to successfully deliver vaginally. They monitored both me and the baby very closely (which did put some limitations on how much I was able to move around, but to me, that was better than a repeat c-section). The doctors felt that the risk of uterine rupture with a very low dosage of pitocin was no worse than the risks associated with abdominal surgery, and I agreed.

  • I agree that a truly VBAC friendly doctor would not ask you to schedule. I had an appt today and asked about the scenarios in which my OB would schedule a section. He said: past 42 weeks, pre-eclampsia, a vertical uterine incision from the last section, or if they tried to induce for some other reason and my cervix did not dialate. Obviously once I'm in labor if there is any issue with either my safety or the baby's as well.  
  • I agree with the above ladies... A truly supportive Doctor wouldn't make you schedule a RCS just in case. 

    With my first (CS baby) I was induced twice and nothing. I didn't even get to 1CM. With my VBAC I told my doctor that's what i wanted and he said we will do our best to get that baby pushed out. I surpringly went into labor all on my own the day after my EDD

    My doc did say that as my first was a CS and I don't really labor at all that I was basically like a FTM again. He did say that if I made it to 41.5 weeks we could do a gentle induction with a foley bulb. He did not support the idea of using pitocin due to the  controversy over whether or not it's ok. 

    I Guess to answer your question I think every birth is different. But just know that the baby will come to he/she is ready. 

    Good luck!

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