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Winning Wednesday

who/what is winning today
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Re: Winning Wednesday

  • Miss Violet slept from 815-240 and went back down about 320 until 630. She's napping in my arms now! So excited. Now I'm waiting for my Husband to get home and take me car shopping. My Chrysler was paid off 2 years ago and has 249k miles on it. Rear wheel drive in these Pennsylvania mountains sucks. It's time and Momma is excited!
  • Four days of extended sleep (5+ hours) and last night she went down at her earliest time of 1030! 
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  • My twins napped from 4-8 last night and I was dreading how poorly they would sleep throughout the night because of it. Well, by 10 both were down again. Blake only woke up twice to eat and Aria slept until 6am before waking up to eat. They are both napping again and DH just took our two older boys with him to the store. The house is so quiet...

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  • My LO slept from 830 to 5 this morning. she had reverted back to a middle of the night feed so that extra sleep was #awesome!
  • LO took a 30 min nap in her crib! She definitely needs a longer nap, but she's usually only able to sleep when being held. 
  • We had a weight check today and LO gained over a pound in the past week.  It's the first time since he was born that he's gotten to the ounce/day he's supposed to be gaining.  
  • We just survived a 12 hour road trip with our 8 week old. Winning! 
  • So I know it's technically Thursday, but LO just slept for 7 hours!  The longest he's gone previously was 4.5.  Let's hope this is nt a fluke!
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