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little sister for Ryker and Hadley

Hello!! I have a 3 year old son named Ryker and 16 month old daughter Hadley! We found out today we are having a little girl!!! Wanted to hear your thoughts on little sister names that go with Ryker and Hadley. So far our list is Piper, Tatum, Summer, Zoe, Peyton, and Hunter. But we aren't necessarily crazy about one or in agreement!! Thoughts or different names thrown out would be great :) thank you!! PS the middle name will be JOY!!

Re: little sister for Ryker and Hadley

  • Try the baby name board maybe?
  • Try the baby name board. 


    I'd go with something feminine.  A boy with an obviously masculine name and girls with "neutral" names always makes me think the parents didn't want girls or that they devalue femininity. So I'd toss Peyton and Tatum far, far away. 

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  • I would agree you will get much more feedback on the baby name board or your own bmb. 
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  • oh  thank you!! I didn't know there was a baby name board but posted it to that :) Thanks. Also we really value femininity :) 
  • Yes to the baby name board... And Summer is a guilty pleasure name of mine--- I think it goes well with your sibset. But please throw out Hunter like immediately. Just no. 
  • Hunter for a girl? its bad enough on a boy.

    Zoe is the only good one imo. Summer isn't horrible. The rest, throw away.

  • I like piper, it's unique like your other two children's names. I'm a big pusher of unique.
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