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Hi! I'm pregnant and have my first appointment at UVA in 2 weeks but have been thinking about maybe switching after doing a little research and was hoping to get input from others in the area who have had babies here. Has anyone given birth here or at Martha Jefferson or the birth center at Pantops? I'm just curious as to my options and what others prefer. The reason I'm hesitant about UVA is that I'm afraid of being bombarded with residents while in labor and I don't like lots of people in my face as is, much less for such an intimate moment as this. 
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    We gave birth at MJH in Jan 2015 and it was a WONDERFUL experience! This go round, we are using The Birth Center since our first was low-risk, unmedicated and we want to repeat that with more continuous/extensive prenatal care appointments. I'm 31 weeks, and so far the midwives at the Birth Center have been amazing!! 
  • I've had both my babies at Martha Jefferson. It was wonderful. Quiet floor, awesome nurses, and all the comforts of home! My first was delivered by Dr. Wolanski (retired) and my second by Jefferson OBGYN. 
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