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New job - when to tell I'm pregnant

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Hi everyone! I could greatly use a few thoughts on when to tell my new employers I'm pregnant.

Unfortunately I was in the crappy position of being laid off at 3.5 months pregnant (with my first kid) as part of a massive reorganization. I started looking for jobs early and was offered a new one quickly. I was totally upfront about being laid off (I worked at huge company, so it was all over the news) but not about my pregnancy. I started last week and things are off to a good start, but I still haven't told them. I'm now at 18 weeks. I was hoping to get a few weeks in before I spill the beans, but it's basically a race against the clock with my bump. Since I'm a bigger girl it doesn't really look like a bump yettttt, but my husband, family and good friends are now telling me they can tell I look pregnant now and it's just a matter of time before I pop. 

Any advice on when to tell? Should I get it over with or try to wait it out a little longer, establish more of a reputation and then tell? If it makes any difference the HR rep that hired me is leaving for another job on Friday.

Oh, FWIW I definitely plan on coming back after the kid.

Re: New job - when to tell I'm pregnant

  • I would probably tell them around 20 weeks since that's generally when you have your last ultrasound that confirms how the pregnancy is going.  I started a new job when I was ~8 weeks and I was so stressed out about it. I ended up telling my boss at 12 weeks and it was no big deal. I wanted to wait a little bit so that they could see I was serious about the job and a good employee but didn't want to wait much longer in case they thought I was hiding it from them. You're not really legally required to tell them at a certain time until it gets closer to your due date, since you need to communicate in advance about your maternity leave, but I think each employer is different in how they handle leaves. Good luck! I know how stressful that can be!!
  • It's really up to you! I told my boss when I was 13 weeks but I had just passed the year mark. 
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