2nd Trimester

14 weeks 6 days belly?

I grew quite fast at the beginning and now it just seems to be at a halt should I be concerned? I had a missed miscarriage my first pregnancy so I'm worried. 

Re: 14 weeks 6 days belly?

  • Sorry for your previous loss. Usually many don't show so early on. It's usually just bloating at the beginning. I'm a FTM I didn't show till about 19 wks (also had an mc prior to this pregnancy). Many symptoms tend to go away in second tri as well. I wouldn't worry too much but if your really concerned call your doctor. Best of luck and congrats on your pregnancy!
  • I am 17 weeks right now and I feel like my belly looks about the same as it did at 12 weeks. I had an appointment at 16 weeks and everything was fine. I am a FTM so I'm not concerned as I've read I'll show later than other moms who've had babies before. 
    I wouldn't worry! 
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  • Thank you ladies. This makes me feel soooo much better. It's just hard to shake off the worry. 
  • It was most likely bloat at the beginning and now bloat is going away. I didn't start showing til 20 weeks. 
  • Every body is different.  I feel like I only just looked bloated until about 20 weeks and saw very little change in that time frame.  Once I hit 20 weeks I started looking more 'pregnant'.
  • Same here..I'm almost 16 weeks and i still just look a little bloated. As said above...everyone is different so don't worry!!
  • Everyone is so different. I was able to wear and button my regular pants until 25 wks. 
  • With DD I didn't show until almost my third tri (around 26+ weeks) this time I am showing more at 18.5 weeks then I was at 26 with dd. Every pregnancy and every body is different. Not showing isn't a sign that the pregnancy isn't progressing. I was monitored a little more because I was measuring small for fundal measurements. 

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