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Hey everyone. I have a almost 4 year old. And she is currently wearing 2t/3t underwear. But they are simply a little tight. We tried 4T and that is too big. any suggestions

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  • You may have to try different brands? I noticed that I got some 2T/3T undies at Target for my daughter that are little bit tighter than the ones from Wal Mart in the same size. The Wal Mart ones are very loose. You can also maybe check out dept stores for a little better quality so to speak? That's the only thing I can think of! 
  • I'm having that problem with my son also...He isn't really ready for underwear all day I'm potty training him @ night/he is in diapers still @ daycare...I have tried Walmart and Target...maybe check out a toddler store like Carters?? Good luck!

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  • smileybabyboysmileybabyboy member
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    I noticed quickly, it doesn't matter the size of the underwear, but the weight on it.  Check the chart on the back of the package and go by that.  I've been getting my son's in the boy's section at Target.
  • greyt00greyt00 member
    Underwear sizing is crazy. I have bought several different kinds only to end up with way too many and now I hope I don't have to buy any for couple of years. For me, the 4T in the same brand as 2-3T was barely any bigger. I needed to go 1 size up from 4T, but the next size up in Target brands (boys section) were all big. I was going by weight as well. The 4/5 size at Carters ended up being the best. I don't know if they carry a smaller size that might work. I think they do kids sizing like women's, with a total lack of consistency! This was my experience with boys underwear.

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