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Weaning 1st baby right before 2nd is due

DS will be 1 in May and I am due with DS2 in August. I want to wean DS1 before the second baby comes along. Will weaning him so close to delivering the second child have an effect on my milk supply coming in with baby 2?

Re: Weaning 1st baby right before 2nd is due

  • I'm not sure if it'll have an effect on your overall supply but your milk will come in sooner and you wont get painfully engorged like the first time. The Braxton hicks contractions will get stronger when your nursing the closer you are to your due date.

     I nursed my daughter through my pregnancy until she weaned herself after she turned two and I was 6 months. My milk changed and I guess she didn't like the taste. All in all, I had 3 month I didn't nurse. I haven't noticed my supply changed from the first time but my son is only 6 weeks old and wants to eat every 2 hrs.

  • I'm actually here to pick your brains a little ladies. DD2 is currently 8 months and I just discovered I'm pregnant again. Not exactly sure how far yet, but I'm assuming it can't be too far. At the moment she is still nurse just fine but I had someone tell me my supply will deplete if I'm pregnant. ? I've heard of woman nursing through a pregnancy and if the first doesn't ween before the next then tandem nursing. So I guess my question is did either of you experience any difficulties with keeping up your supply as your pregnancies progressed? This is a new experience for me and she's been exclusively breastfed. If she would take a bottle I wouldn't be so nervous but I have yet to find a bottle she accepts. Thanks ladies!

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