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My bidet/diaper sprayer arrived today!!!

When I was pregnant there were lots of people who were very doubtful of my choice to cloth diaper. Honestly, a little part of me was concious of the fact that things might not go well and Odie might end up in disposables. Thankfully, though the support of those who love me and my family, we built up a sizable stash of diapers and inserts or all different varieties. For three months now, Odie has been in cloths and we love it!!!

Now that we are stable and consistent users I have invested in some additional tools to make diapering even easier! I got a handheld bidet which will double as a diaper sprayer as well as a diaper sheild that holds dirty diapers while you rinse them and keeps you from getting poop water on you! I am super excited to use them!!!

Are there any other super neat toys that you have added to your cloth diapering ensemble that you would like to share?
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Re: My bidet/diaper sprayer arrived today!!!

  • The only cloth diaper related "toys" I ever bought was a plunger and bucket, and a washboard for the flats and handwashing challenge.  I never did buy a diaper sprayer.  :)

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    I'm a fan of The Cloth Diaper Tech Support group on Facebook
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