22 weeks, in pain after walking for 5 mins or being on my feet for a short time. Anyone else? — The Bump
Pregnant after 35

22 weeks, in pain after walking for 5 mins or being on my feet for a short time. Anyone else?

I'm 36, I had two girls in my late 20s. For the most part, both were easy pregnancies. This time it's much differnt. I am not in shape as I was back then so it seems like I'm just always in pain. Lower back,  in between my thighs,  ankles, and feet. Doctor says because of my round ligaments. Extra weight etc. I just think it's early to feel like this all the time.  I can't imagine what it will be like in a few weeks. I thought if I tried walking more that may help.  I regret that. Lol if I could live in my bathtub I be much better off. 

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    The joys of pregnancy! Although I think age, weight, pre-pregnancy fitness level all play a role I also think every pregnancy is different. I've known young, fit women who have had one great pregnancy and one terrible one. The belly/back support band is a good idea. Also, walking probably is really good but you may have overdone it? Try easing yourself into it a bit more - start with just a few minutes a day, and gradually build up as your body allows. Try looking into prenatal yoga too. I haven't done it personally but I know people who swear by it! When in doubt definitely talk to your doctor more about this too, and ask if he/she has advice for managing the symptoms.
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  • I'm almost 20weeks. I have had bad back pain for about 2 weeks, some days my right leg just doesn't want to cooperate with me. My cramps have never fully gone away. It's been horrible. and to add to the fun, I blacked out at church due to possible low iron. 
    I had none of this with my son. I'll be 38 this July and while I have lots of weight to lose I am 20 lbs less than I was when I got pregnant with my son. 

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  • With my first I had bad hip pain around 20 weeks- it lasted about a month and then thankfully went away. I got a belly/back support belt that helped me some- maybe try that?? Hope it's better soon, hang in there!
  • I did buy a belt and it has helped when I go food shopping. I just dread doing any of it. I bought an awsome body pillow on amazon. My next purchase will be a good pair of shoes. Any suggestions? Any that you absolutely love?
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