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*1st Tri Check-In Week of March 21st!* new leader needed in 2 weeks!

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This is a weekly check-in for those in their 1st trimester: weeks 1 through the end of week 13. I know we've all gone through a lot to get to this point so congratulations and best of luck to all of you over the next several months!

Please post a little about yourself, your EDD (if it’s not listed below), any upcoming appointments, symptoms, etc. Feel free to also share your IF journey, I know many of us can relate. 

QOTW: If you could hire someone to help you, would it be with cleaning, cooking, or yard work?

Also... This board will need a new leader!!  I am moving on to the 2nd trimester board in two weeks!  Let me know if you would like to take over!  Thanks!

Congrats to all of the Mommies & Daddies to be:
@piperella EDD 10/2/16
@MrsB627 EDD 10/4/16
@Selena2016 EDD 10/6/16
@ecb3588 EDD 10/16/16
@kennelchick EDD 10/18/16
@Morningstar80 EDD 10/18/16
@mrszoess  EDD 10/19/16
@laur2444 EDD 10/19/2016
@bluegal1 EDD 10/21/16
@jaqcap17 EDD 10/27/16
@twomommiestobe EDD 10/28/16
@AandDM2014 EDD 11/4/16
@tvh1982 EDD 11/9/16
@STBMrsMiller EDD 11/10/16
@PhloriDaMom EDD 11/11/16
@ZoeFer EDD 11/15/16
@alqizwik EDD 11/18/16
@mskeenan EDD 11/20/16

Re: *1st Tri Check-In Week of March 21st!* new leader needed in 2 weeks!

  • Hi everyone!  Sorry I was so quiet last week.  I had a great vacation/work conference at WDW last week.  I'm still exhausted and trying to get through the hundreds of work emails I have to get caught back up on.. 

    I'm so glad to see some new faces to this thread, and hope others continue to join us!

    @tvh1982, you've been on my mind a lot, and hope you were able to rest this weekend.  I'm hoping for a positive update from you after you get your ultrasound this week (today?).

    My energy level has definitely increased (yay!) and I think the biggest thing I have going on symptom wise is that last week this little boy has decided that he doesn't like chocolate.  I had a hershey bar and it was disgusting!  I had a bite and had to throw away the rest.  I tried some other chocolate foods and yea, all disgusting.  My DH thinks it's incredibly funny as I LOVE Reese eggs, but the chocolate makes it taste gross.  I have my NT ultrasound on Friday, but am much more relaxed about it knowing that my Materniti21 test results came back negative for everything.

    QOTW: If you could hire someone to help you, would it be with cleaning, cooking, or yard work?
    It would be cleaning... My DH and I need help with cleaning like yesterday.  I like vacuuming, but that's about it. Can I put a housekeeper on my baby registry?
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    Oh no! Not chocolate @piperella
    Glad you are getting more energy. 

    AFM I saw a heartbeat! We couldn't hear it, but we saw it! Omg! I cried, so she had to look for it again, but it wasn't difficult to find.
    Am so relaxed right now. :smile: 

    QOTW: My apartment is only 32 square meters (and I'm planning on adding a child...oh boy) but would definitely want a cleaning lady. I just don't have the energy for it right now..although cooking is something that would be great too...could I register for both?!?

    I could take over, but what is expected?


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  • Hey first tri ladies!

    My symptoms this past week have been pretty mild, with the exception of extreme hunger. I have been so dang hungry! It woke me up most days last week. I'm thankful that I'm not feeling nauseous, but this needing to eat constantly thing is getting a bit out of hand. I'm talking about second breakfast and second dinner. It's been crazy.

    I have another ultrasound appointment on Friday morning, with a blood draw to see if I can start reducing meds. I got to stop baby aspirin and take one less estrace last Friday, and I'm hoping this week we can start reducing PIO, which has been at 1.5 ccs for weeks and weeks. I should be at 8 weeks on Friday, but this past Friday baby was measuring at 6w4d (not 7 like s/he should have been). I'm hoping it increases by a week, but it didn't last week (only 6 days) so who knows. I obviously won't find out until Friday.

    A good piece of news: I have a cousin who recently had a baby and offered to loan me her fetal doppler!! I'm excited to get it in a few weeks (assuming I still need it of course)!

    QOTW: If you could hire someone to help you, would it be with cleaning, cooking, or yard work?
    Well I don't have a yard and I enjoy cooking, so I would totally hire someone to clean. I hate cleaning, but as a homemaker it is kinda my duty to clean. We live a clean-ish life, but I could definitely step it up... or hire someone to do it! Even better!
    About us:
    Me - 28, Lean PCOS
    DH - 31
    Married June 2010, TTC since March 2014

    FET cycle #3 Transfer July 28th 2016, Triplets born healthy on February 26th 2017 at 33w1d!

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    @tvh1982 - Your update made me soo happy!  Seeing that little flicker on the screen is everything!!   To be the leader of the board, you just need to make a new thread each week, updating the question of the week (QOTW) and editing the list of bumpies in the 1st trimester! 

    @AandDM2014 - I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you being able to decrease your meds!  I'm staying on 3 estrace a day and 2cc of PIO a day until Thursday.  I cannot wait!!  Hope you can reduce/stop soon, too!  
  • First ultrasound at the RE today at 6w4d! My fingers are crossed so hard that we see our baby and hear a heartbeat. Feeling pretty well, mostly just tired.

    QOTW: We do have someone come in and clean every three weeks. Best decision ever! We both hate it, so this completely eliminated fighting about whose turn it is to sweep.
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    TTC #1 since June 2012
    Me (28) - DOR (AFC <10, undetectable AMH, >10 FSH), homozygous E429A MTHFR
    DH (29) - MFI low count and morphology

    September 2013 IUI#1 - Clomid + Trigger + IUI = BFN
    October 2013 IUI#2 - Letrozole + Menopur + Trigger + IUI = BFN

    Nov 2013 IVF/ICSI #1 - Protocol: BCP prep, high doses Menopur and Bravelle (12 days), ganirelex
    Results: 5 retrieved / mature, 4 fertilized, 1 arrested and 3 complex abnormal after day 3 PGS = Cancelled after ER
    Jan/Feb 2014 IVF/ICSI #2 - Protocol: Estrogen priming, high doses Menopur and Bravelle (11 days), microdose lupron
    Results: Cancelled after 11 days of stims due to low response and E2 levels
    Feb 2014 IVF/ICSI #3 - Protocol: No prep, low dose Menopur (6 days), ganirelex, Bravelle booster with trigger
    Results: 1 retrieved / 0 mature = Cancelled after ER

    Officially moving on to embryo adoption! We used and love Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park
    October 2014 FET #1 - BCP/Lupron/Estrace/Prometrium, transferred 2 of 4 from match #1, BFN
    December 2014 FET #2 - BCP/Lupron/Estrace/Prometrium, transferred 2 of 4 from match #1, BFN
    March 2015 FET #3 - BCP/Lupron/Estrace/Prometrium, transferred 2 of 6 from match #2, BFN
    May 2015 FET #4 - BCP/Lupron/Estrace/Prometrium, lost 2 to thaw, transferred 2 of 6 from match #2, BFN
    October 2015 FET #5 - Natural cycle, lost 1 from match #3 and 1 from clinic backup to thaw, transferred 1 backup, BFN
    February 2016 FET #6 - Natural cycle, transferred 1 from match #4, B FREAKING P!
    Beta 1 = 162, Beta 2 = 316, doubling just over 48 hours


  • @tvh1982 That is great news! I'm so happy for you! I had a feeling all would be well!! :smile: 

    @STBMrsMiller Good luck at you US today! Enjoy it!

    @Piperella Congrats on your baby boy! It must be that much for exciting to use the correct pronoun now!

    AFM Not much going on, my next appointment isn't until April 6th and even then I think they're basically only going to do weight and vitals. I did have to buy some new bras as I'm spilling out of my existing ones. The new ones are like the ugliest bras I've ever lol. How many of you are investing in fetal dopplers? I'm debating. I feel it may just cause me to kick the crazy up a notch. And I have absolutely no reason to assume everything isn't just fine. So we will see if my rational or my crazy side wins out on this one!
  • Happy Mondays everyone !
    There is not much going on with me, still no symptoms except sore boobs and feeling hungry a bit more than normal. I have to have snacks and fruits throughout the day, i normally did not need those. I have my next u/s on 25th, it is so hard to wait. I completely feel like I fool myself by believing that i am pregnant. I don`t know, it is such a weird feeling. I just hope that it is real.
    @tvh1982 I am so happy to hear that everything is going well and you heard the heartbeats. It must be amazing. I hope that this last scare was the final bump on the road to having your baby.

    QOTW: I would love to have someone to clean the apartment. We have a 1 br apartment with only 1 bathroom but we still do not feel like cleaning. I will not blame pregnancy, I always hated cleaning. We actually talked about getting help with cleaning, maybe every three weeks or so. 
  • @tvh1982 I'm so happy to read your update! I was thinking about you all weekend! 

    @AandDM2014 I hear you on the meds. Today is my last PIO shot and im so excited. I'm going out to dinner with a girlfriend to celebrate.

    @Piperella I'm glad you had a good time. I love WDW (I'm trying stands for Walt Disney world, right?) I can't wait for my little snowflake to be old enough to go and enjoy the magic. (I may need a second job to afford all the fun things to do.....)

    AFM I'm feeling a lot less nauseous after starting diciglis. I'm super thrilled to no longer be dehydrated and to keep water down. I'm still tired a lot, but starting to have a little more energy. Ten weeks tomorrow!

    Quick question, has anyone been checking out the October mom's board? People seem to get so worked up over the craziest things. I feel like I need popcorn when I start reading it....

    QOTW: I like to clean and im not a fan of strangers touching my stuff, but I would LOVE to have someone cook my meals. I hate to cook, and my least favorite question is "what do you want to do for dinner?". Personal chef all the way!
  • I can take over @piperella, if no one minds! 


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  • @ecb3588 I was going to invest in a fetal doppler, but I have a cousin who has one that used during her pregnancy that she is going to lend to me. I'm super excited to get it and try it out!!

    @ZoeFer I understand the "feel like I fool myself by believing that i am pregnant". I think it is a very natural response to being infertile. Hopefully with time it will go away!

    @kennelchick and @Piperella I am so jelous that you get to stop your PIOs so soon. Lucky!!! I have yet to reduce the amount. I'm hoping this week I can!
    About us:
    Me - 28, Lean PCOS
    DH - 31
    Married June 2010, TTC since March 2014

    FET cycle #3 Transfer July 28th 2016, Triplets born healthy on February 26th 2017 at 33w1d!

  • Hiya! Jumping in the middle here, so I'll do my best to catch up. I introduced myself in a separate thread--I told a bit about my journey and our recent IVF success... and all the complex feelings at the first ultrasound! It was a relief to read the replies and realize the mix of emotions is normal.

    On Tuesday, saw our one little healthy sized bean with a strong heartbeat at 6w6d. We "graduated" from the RE and see our OB next week. Our due date is Nov. 11th. The cautiousness is starting to reduce a bit and we are sinking more into the excitement of it all.

    I got a bit frustrated last night, though, when my throat got increasingly sore and learned that the meds I would usually take to ward off this encroaching sinus cold are not allowed in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Grrr! So I suffered through the night but DH stayed up and cooked me homemade chicken soup! Today, I've been sipping on it between naps, and I think it's better than the meds I would've usually taken!!

    QOTW: I got a Roomba in November. I highly recommend it! I was writing my dissertation and couldn't do much of anything but sit and type for three months. I never got one before because I have a lab mix that sheds like crazy, and I thought there's no way the Roomba could handle all his fur. But I found out that some friends with high shedding dogs have and absolutely love their Roomba--they just empty it out every day. So, I used the 20% off Bed Bath and Beyond coupon (for an older model) and I am SO GLAD I did! It took care of all the floors while I finished my dissertation and then as we went through IVF and now will be our best housekeeper through the pregnancy. Put it on your baby registry! :smile: 
  • STBMrsMiller Thanks for sharing the pic of your little one--how exciting!!

    AandDM2014 I've got the hunger thing, too. It's kindof a combo with slight nausea. It's like I et a little nauseous and to make the feeling go away, I want to eat! I was doing fine with "normal healthy" eating for a few days, but today I found myself texting my DH to bring home cookie dough when he getst he groceries! Ugh! It's like my fingers were texting without my brain able to stop them lol! We'll see tonight if having a cookie satisfies this weird eating thing
  • Pregnancy has been kicking my butt today!! I've been so sleepy all day, yet when I took a nap it did almost nothing to help, and just made me feel like crying from being so tired. Bummer, but I'll take it if it means things are going well. I go in tomorrow for another ultrasound.
    About us:
    Me - 28, Lean PCOS
    DH - 31
    Married June 2010, TTC since March 2014

    FET cycle #3 Transfer July 28th 2016, Triplets born healthy on February 26th 2017 at 33w1d!

  • Same here @aanddm2014. I'm feeling rough, only thing I manage to eat are fruits, I'm dizzy, nausea and exhausted.
    On top of that I feel very much alone, which I am, and I know I would be, it just hit me I guess. 
    I'm having 'I feel sorry for myself day'.


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  • I'm sorry @tvh1982! That is really sucky! I've been somewhat on my own this week as DHs work schedule has him up all night and sleeping for most of the day. It is never any fun to feel alone. Or tired. Or nauseous!
    About us:
    Me - 28, Lean PCOS
    DH - 31
    Married June 2010, TTC since March 2014

    FET cycle #3 Transfer July 28th 2016, Triplets born healthy on February 26th 2017 at 33w1d!

  • I think it's just the not feeling well part and just got home from my trip where my mum spoiled me rotten. 
    Now I have to look for my own food, and every time I open that fridge I feel like throwing up, but haven't figured out which of the products make me feel like that. 
    Ah well, I've had a few naps, and a lovely walk between the rain showers and am back to being my usual positive self (only with nausea and dizziness...but yah...that means I'm preggers!)


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  • tvh1982  Glad you are back to feeling positive. I hope it lasted the weekend for you! And yeah, when I'm nauseous and exhausted (all the time!) I keep telling myself (with a fake-it-til-you-make-it smile), "This is great! It means I'm pregnant!" Lol
  • So DH and I had our 9 month anniversary yesterday. Yep, we're newly weds. <3 It was soooo tempting to reveal our pregnancy since there are some clever things we could've done with the whole "9 months" bit. But we are only 7weeks prego, and we just graduated from our RE and don't meet with our new OB until this week, so we are going to wait to reveal until next month.

    How are you all doing? Make it through the weekend ok?

  • So glad you had a great weekend,  @PhloriDaMom!  I will be starting a new thread tomorrow morning and will be updating then.   All good news on my end.. Hoping the same for others! 
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