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Stash Prep Help

I just inventoried my stash, and I'm some what at a loss for how to prep my inserts the most effectively/with the least amount of washing... Any ideas? This is my first time cloth diapering, and I want to get as much ready as possible before LO arrives.

3: Flip Cotton Inserts
10: Rumparoos Hemp Inserts
12: Flip Microfiber Inserts
15: LBB Microfiber Inserts
2: Lalabye Baby L Rayon/Bamboo Inserts
3: Lalabye Baby S Rayon/Bamboo Inserts
1: Newborn Smartbottoms Cotton Insert

Re: Stash Prep Help

  • The microfiber inserts just need one washing.  The rest you can add to other loads of laundry to prep if you don't have enough to make a full load of just inserts.  Just make sure no fabric softener is used on the loads you prep the inserts in.

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