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10wk and 5 days preggo and not showing

so this is technically my fourth pregnancy (1 boy and then 2 m/c's) and I feel like I was showing for a while and now I shrunk down and am no longer? I was bloated and gassy (sorry tmi I know) so I'm trying to cool my jets and think that could be why? Anyone hardly show after being pregnant before this far along?  I will say I'm a tad freaked out cause my first m/c was a missed one and I stopped showing around this time :( BUT we never heard a heart with the last two miscarriages and this one we saw a strong heartbeat at 7 weeks along so not long ago. Gah...pregnancy after loss can be so so hard :( 
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Re: 10wk and 5 days preggo and not showing

  • *hugs*  I'm 11w2d today and I had my freakout last wednesday when I awoke to 0 symptoms and my pants miraculously fit again without a button extender.  That being said, I rushed to the doc where a quick doppler eased my worries.  Unfortunately, MS and bloating are back with a vengeance so I should have tried to appreciate it more.  FX it's nothing serious.  Good luck!
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    anna.oskar omg you just made me feel LOADS better! Thank you! I freaked out Friday and was just a hot sobbing mess to my husband (even he said he noticed I've shrunk a bit). But I really think it could be I was so freaking bloated and that's why I was 'showing'. But no brown discharge with blood like I had with my missed miscarriage around this time! So I can only assume all is ok and it was stupid bloat? I have an apt this week thank god
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  • I think it's probably just your bloat going away. This is my 6th pregnancy (2 losses, 2 healthy boys, another loss and now this little one). I wasn't actually showing besides the bloat until like 14-15 weeks. You'll pop soon!! Hang in there.
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  • As other pp already have said it's common to have gas and bloating early on that comes and goes. This is my fifth pregnancy (1 boy, 3 losses and now this one). And I don't think I showed much before 14-15w either. Just hang in there, the baby-bump will appear soon! Wish you all the best
  • Thankfully, I had already read that many women look less pregnant as they approach the second trimester because bloating starts going away. Otherwise I would have been worried when it happened to me. It's perfectly normal, so no need to take it as a bad sign!
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  • The uterus is still really low at this point in pregnancy, even if you have had previous pregnancies. I definitely lost bloat towards the end of the first trimester and felt like I slimmed down for a minute. And I didn't *look* like I was showing to anyone except myself until about 16 weeks. It wasn't until 23ish weeks that friends started noticing and now that I am almost 27 weeks strangers and people who didn't know are finally just asking. I always used to look at the graphs that showed where the uterus should be and felt better when I realized they are still really low in the pelvis til around 12 weeks or so.
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