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Almost fainted today, anyone else experience this?

Hi all, I had quite the scary experience this morning and wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this or if I should be worried...

I'm 20 weeks 3 days pregnant. This morning we were in church and for Palm Sunday, there is a very long reading where we have to stand for about 10 minutes. The people in front of us had kids that stunk, it was horrible! Didn't recognize them so they were probably people who just show up for special masses. Having the pregnancy bloodhound nose did not help.. I started to get nauseous. I tried just breathing through my mouth but all of the sudden, I felt like it was hard to breathe either from my nose or mouth. I was very short of breath. I started to get very hot and sweaty and felt like I couldn't get enough air in my lungs. I've heard this can be normal because of your uterus pushing up but this was worse than the normal short of breath feeling I get. Then I started to see stars/flashes of light and got extremely dizzy. DH noticed I wasn't well and told me to sit down, which I did and sip some water. After a few agonizing minutes it went away and I started to get cold/chills. Ten minutes later I was fine. I have literately never fainted before in my life and this was the closest I've ever gotten. 

anyone else ever experience this? It was really scary :/ at my last doctors appt the nurse said my blood pressure was lower than normal, but not to worry because this happens in pregnancy. Could I have had a blood pressure dip? Low blood sugar? The weirdest thing is I'm a teacher so I spend most of my days on my feet, and 10 minutes of standing is something I do every day/ multiple times daily.

Any input is appreciated! TIA! 

Re: Almost fainted today, anyone else experience this?

  • Before pregnancy, I had a problem with intense blood pressure drops. I have only experienced a couple during pregnancy (I'm only a couple days ahead of you), and one was when I saw blood and the other was because of a smell. I think it's because your body is having such an intense reaction to something it's not used to, and it just freaks out a bit. My midwife wasn't concerned, but bring it up with your doctor for sure.
  • I fainted with my first pregnancy a lot. For me it happened if I had a stressful situation or if I had unknowingly not eaten enough!
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  • Oh yeah at least a few times in the first trimester and once so far in the second. One time when I was in the shower and I had to get out and sit down, during sex, and once waiting in line for security at the airport! It's exactly like you described and I usually get really hot and then cold after it passes. I think mine is worse cause I'm pregnant with twins and have a lot of extra blood flowing, however it could be because of low iron or low blood sugar. I make sure my prenatals have the max amount of iron in them and that seems to help. Also, if I start to feel shaky I make sure to eat something asap!
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  • Oh another time was during my first appt and I had to give 6 vials of blood. I never do well giving blood but this was way worse. Had to lay back, drink juice and eat a granola bar!
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  • Dizziness/fainting could have a lot of reasons - uterus pushing up, standing with your knees locked (bloodflow is reduced; this tends to be why people pass out at the altar or on stage for a choir performance), not eating recently enough (low blood sugar), low BP, dehydration, your body feeling stress (good or bad).  It doesn't have to be an urgent thing to feel dizzy and faint. :)   My Mamma, who is a nurse (and was a L&D nurse for many years) tells me it is common to feel this way during pregnancy (as PP have said).  Be aware - your BP can drop if you have been siting or laying a certain way and you sit/stand and stretch. I have had that before being pregnant and it is just as you describe - whoozy, dizzy, I had stars and tingles, and then dark (but not actually out-out) and I had to sit down fast.

    She tells me to keep an eye on it and make sure to take care of myself. The usual hydrate, eat enough/well, etc.

    I would talk to doc if you are worried, and if it is frequent. ;)  <3
  • Thanks so much ladies! I feel a lot better now :) maybe it was the smell that triggered it and having to stand? I've been trying to drink a lot of water and I did have a big bowl of cereal before church so I didn't think it was a lack of food/ water. Ugh prego problems lol 
  • @tmk0325 omg you poor thing! I can imagine it's harder carrying twins and getting woozy! I will definitely look into the iron thing, that's a good point 
  • I've had this several times throughout my life. I think from BP drops and low blood sugar. They're very scary!! The worst one I've ever had was a couple weeks ago. I showered as soon as I woke up without eating or drinking anything first. That combined with being pregnant is what I think did it. I always try to eat some fruit and drink some water when it happens. That usually helps me come out of it a little quicker.
  • Have you checked recently for your iron counts? Mine were low about midway last pregnancy and I had the same issue. Also like everyone said blood sugar does play a huge role. Just be sure if you're standing you don't buckle your knees. My husbands in the military and they always give speeches about buckling your knees at attention and passing out because it restricts the blood flow. I would ask the doctor but it does sound like an issue with iron to me. 
  • @tmk0325 It only happened to me once and I was waiting at passport control at the airport! I think my spell was because I hadn't eaten breakfast yet. I just kept thinking if I pass out they won't let me on the plane! 
  • Yes! They checked my iron and it was super low. They had me start taking iron pills and I haven't had the problem again-- although iron pills cause a whole other set of problems!
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  • I had the same thing happen at mass during the same time. Of course we were in the front row. I had to sit the rest of mass. I felt horrible doing that but to think God understands when your vision goes black. 
    I do normally have anemia but I think it was the heat in the church. I was also foolish and had kept my winter coat on. Once it was off and I sat it felt much better. 

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  • @tmk0325 It only happened to me once and I was waiting at passport control at the airport! I think my spell was because I hadn't eaten breakfast yet. I just kept thinking if I pass out they won't let me on the plane! 
    Lol I hear ya. I pretty much stripped down to just a tank and my pants standing in this long line. I was tempted to ask for a wheelchair because they had a couple sitting there. There was a mom with a baby behind me that had twins at home so she was a great help. :)
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  • I fainted on my 13 or 15 week appt. They removed quite a lot of blood for testing.. Way too much in my opinion... After they were done I was already feeling dizzy and told them. Had me smell a cotton ball with something and did not work... I went 10/7... Woke up to more people staring at me and asking if I was ok.  For that, now I have to have lab work done at another clinic...
  • I couldn't stand saturday morning when I woke up. I get dizzy or faint even when I'm not pregnant. This was different and I think it was blood pressure because my heart would race and I was gasping for air. I called my midwife and she told me to eat something with sugar and slowly transition to standing. A spoonful of honey later and I was fine.
  • @amarfeo17I'm so glad you asked about this! The exact same thing happened to me at Mass yesterday. I was kneeling and I had to sit back down because I felt faint, my hearing got dull, and I felt really hot. It was warm in the church, and I hadn't eaten much for breakfast, so I think that was it, but I RARELY have this happen, so I got worried. Seeing all these responses made me fell better that this is normal. I'm still going to mention this to my midwife on Friday, though.
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  • @alwayshug wow sounds like we had almost the same experience! What stinks for me is that I JUST had my appointment 3 days ago, otherwise I would have mentioned it then! It hasn't happened again but if it does I will call just to be safe. It is reassuring to see that other mamas are experiencing the same thing :) 
  • I told my doctor about it at my last two appointments. She said that it's pretty common in pregnancy, and if I start actually passing out then she would have me come back in and check things out again! Just make sure you are constantly snacking, drinking lots of water and taking a prenatal with iron in it! It seemed to have helped me quite a bit.
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  • I ended up talking to the midwife at the practice today. She told me it's normal but because I have a history of low iron I'm to take an iron pill. She said the iron prenatals were enough. 
    If I'm not better in 2 days they want to see me. 

    If if you still feel off I would call your doc to check. 

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