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Retained placenta - 2 months post partum

Has anyone else had an experience with retained placenta so late? At my 6 week check I told my doctor I was still bleeding on and off. Bc she is so thorough (thank god) she ordered an ultrasound to make sure everything was ok. I was in complete denial anything was wrong but when I saw the placenta on the screen I burst into tears. Fortunately I never developed an infection and the bleeding is honestly not even present right now. I am having a d&c on Wednesday and I am kinda irrationally nervous and upset. Also fortunately I have not had any problems with milk supply, in fact I have been battling an over supply.
Basically I am just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and how you did after. Recovery? Emotionally? I'm worried once it all come out my hormones are going to go crazy again and I want to be prepared for that.
Also any kind words would be nice. I honestly wasnt even this emotional after the birth :( Thanks in advance. 

Re: Retained placenta - 2 months post partum

  • I had a retained placenta right after the birth of my son and underwent general anesthesia and manual removal about half an hour after he was born. I missed the first 3 hours with him being that I was in the operating room and recovery. I did not have any complications or difficult recovery from it at all. Totally different situation than you I know, but I can see where you are coming from although I only had a few minutes to have to think about it all. 
    I can't imagine what it would feel like to find out about it this late and I feel for you! Just think-you're likely better equipped to deal with the hormonal fluctuations you may feel because you've had a chance to get into (somewhat of) a routine with your baby and there isn't every other brand new mom and baby distraction and learning curve going on! And like you said you were lucky to not have your milk affected and that your doctor was thorough enough to look into it appropriately! 
    You've got this! Best of luck :)
  • I definitely think your situation is much scarier and harder @babyA4242  I couldn't imagine not being with the baby after the birth. And I guess your right, I am more stable and in a pattern with the baby so it hopefully won't be as bad emotionally. It's just hard having so much time to think about it. Plus it will be the first time I'm away from my little girl for more than an hour :( she will be with her grandma but still. I feel everything is more terrifying now that I have someone completely dependent on me. Thanks for the kind words! 
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  • No experience so I don't have any advice, but for me sometimes the anticipation is worse than the actual procedure. Wishing you a smooth procedure and easy recovery!! 
  • I had no idea this was even a thing! I'll keep you in my thoughts for a speedy recovery!
  • I experienced this in spades. Warning, my story is long.

    I had a manual removal of retained placenta THREE HOURS after my daughter was born and was hemorrhaging the entire time (from birth to removal) until the doctor finally came in and removed it manually. No sucked. 

    A week later I was back in ER because of blood loss and they found more placenta. I underwent a D&C. 

    Three weeks after that I was bleeding heavily again and passing clots the size of potatoes. Ended up nearly passing out. I was taken to the hospital and they found more placenta. I had to go through two blood transfusions before they would even talk about any kind of procedure to help me. Another D&C was ruled out because my uterus wouldn't have survived it. I ended up having a uterine artery embolization to cut the blood supply from the two major arteries supplying blood to my uterus in hopes that the remaining piece which had embedded itself would hopefully die and either come out or absorb. I was in the hospital for four days as I also had an infection and a high fever. 

    About a a week later I passed what I believed to have been the last piece. It wasn't pretty. 

    my daughter is two months old and I'm finally not bleeding. I have an MRI in the next couple months to ensure its finally all gone. 

    Its ts been rough and I've been very sick, very weak and for a lot of the time unable to lift or carry my daughter due to dizziness and pain from the blood loss and subsequent procedures. I also never produced breast milk and was on so many antibiotics to kill or fend off infection that breastfeeding just never happened for me. That makes it very hard emotionally to get over. I'm working with someone to deal with what I'm being told is symptoms of PPD, PPA and PTSD. 

    I pray that your experience is absolutely nothing like mine. If you need to talk to somebody or have any questions...feel free to PM me. Best of luck, mama. I'll be thinking about you! 

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  • I had a retained Placenta after the birth of this baby.  I had no pain meds and they attempted to remove it....manually...omg not a pleasant experience.  I couldn't hold my son. I was in so much pain and was losing so much blood. A surgeon came in and made some suggestions and my husband was like just get her taken care of. Well they put me under and removed it. It took an hr. I was just a couple pints from a transfusion but was given fluid instead. I passed out on my nurses twice the next day and was on bedrest.  Recovery sucked for me which was devastating since I had such a wonderful labor and delivery of my son. I will send positive vibes your way. I would never want another mother to go through what I did.  
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