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Is anyone else's baby having a hard time digesting solids? My son strains to poop every day and he will frequently most days but they are little balls. I cut out banana even though it's his favorite and have tried to avoid grains other than oatmeal. He's mostly just eating fruit and veggie purées (homemade) but it's not getting any better. I've read that pears and plums help so I try to incorporate those in his diet but it seems like he struggles no matter what! Still 3 weeks till our next Drs apt. Just wondering if this is fairly normal? Feel bad for the little guy!!

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    Oh no!! My pediatrician told me to give my baby boy some papaya if I saw any signs of constipation. I hope your little one feels betters and keep us updated mama!! 

    ETA: Also drinking water also helps with bowel movements! 
  • I had similar issues and then I incorporated a jar of plum puree.  I currently make my own baby food but this seemed to give a little push. Now I feed fruit for breakfast, veggie for lunch and veggie/meat for dinner.  Also lots of breast milk while eating via sippy cup.
  • I would give Miralax. You can mix it in with the foods that you give baby. It might help with the constipation. 
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    Both bananas and apples made my baby constipated. It helped when I started giving her pears for breakfast. I tried to stick to foods that had higher concentrations of fiber on the back label. It also helped once I switched from Gerber to Beechnut. 
    It's hard seeing your baby uncomfortable :(. Ask your pediatrician for recommendations and dosage before giving your baby any stool softener. You don't have to wait for an appointment. You can just call their office. 

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  • LO also had a hard time and refused solids for awhile.  I gave him liquid glycerin suppositories and that helped him pass the dry stool.  Prunes and blueberries have also helped.  


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  • Hey! My LO had the same issues and I started giving more water and couple bites of prunes purée, and it really works, I also cook for him so it it more concentrated that the store bought, so water have be incorporated after he eats, hope that helps
  • Thank you everyone for your recommendations! I really appreciate it!!
  • dmd0830 said:
    Thank you everyone for your recommendations! I really appreciate it!!
    Keep us updated mama! I hope your little one feels better! God bless! 
  • My DD has always had "poopy problems" sometimes goes a week without, now with eating solids it's a whole new balancing act. Making sure that she gets things that will help her go and prevent the dreaded balled poopies, yet still letting her experience the new flavors and get her tummy used to them. I make all her food except we give her either jarred prunes or a few oz of prune juice every few days if she hasn't gone, or if she is grunting a lot. And she loves her water in her big girl straw cup but I really limit her intake to about an ounce a day because I don't want her to fill up on that...she is very petite and we like to make sure she gets in all her calories!

    Hope this helps!
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