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Distracted and biting

Hello...is anyone else in the same boat?  My son is almost 8 months old and is super distracted when nursing.  He has no tolerance for the cover or blanket anymore and practically tears it off when eating, and he pulls off constantly, taking my boob with him.  He also has 2 bottom and 1 top tooth coming in and frequently bites my boob as well.  Nursing has become frustrating and painful at the same time.  He has never taken the bottle well so he is exclusively breastfed.  He did take breast milk from a sippy yesterday which is awesome and gave my boobs a break. :)  My other children were nursed for a year and were weaned but I'm thinking this guy is telling me he's done. Has anyone else experienced this or have any suggestions?   Thanks!

Re: Distracted and biting

  • My son doesn't like the cover either and gets distracted very easily also, he also has two bottom teeth and sometimes bites me. I think it's just the phase they are going through. What I do is instead of nursing him in the living room or where there is other people, I go to my bedroom and nurse him there and he usually takes it. And when I'm in the mall I go to a Macy's or another store like that, in the restroom they usually have a couch or sitting area. He takes it and doesn't get distracted as much. I hope this helps! Just be patient mama and keep us updated!! :smile: 
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