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  • I really hate being an only child. I also don't have living parents anymore so I really feel like I'm missing out in life by not having any living blood relatives. With that being said, your LO does have a half sister so it's not like she's a "real" only child. You might change your mind in the future or you might not. Either decision you make will be the right one for your family. 

    My FFFC: I haven't filed or trimmed LOs nails yet bc I'm too afraid I'll hurt him. He's 8 weeks old today lol
  • I've texted my MIL this morning to see if she can watch the baby while I go out for groceries. Kind of hoping she doesn't get back to me by the time I need to go (although that will make it harder for me) so I can effectively tell her you snooze you lose. I've been annoyed lately with what little interest they've shown in seeing him except at the most inconvenient times (like coming over 20 mins before his bedtime and poking and prodding him) or them being mad we don't stop in on weekends (which we consider our little family time, they're retired so could see him during the week when it's better for us)
  • I second the nail-biting. People think I'm crazy when I tell them. My mom did it for all five kids, and my sisters did it for their little ones. I just think it's way easier...and I will never cut her that way. Their nails are so soft at this age that they come right off. 
    My confession: I'm going to Sea World after work today. Blackfish, be damned! 
    Okay, in all reality I actually do hate that Orcas are held in captivity, and am excited about Sea World's announcement that they are ending their breeding program. But...I still love Sea World. 

    Jan18 December Siggy Challenge: Christmas Movies

    BFP #1: 12/1/14 said goodbye 1/2/15
    BFP #2: 5/5/15
    EDD: 1/15/16
    Wren Marie born 1/7/16
    BFP #3 4/26/17
    EDD: 12/30/17
  • @dobes1020 I hear you on the Easter candy!

    My confession is I bought an entire large bag of candy coated Cadbury milk chocolate eggs, hid it from DH and the kids, and I'm not planning to share! This is one tired momma. Sometimes I just need a treat. CHOCOLATE!!!! ❤️
  • My LO is 5 weeks old and I haven't properly cut his nails either! I've tried at least 5 times but chicken out when I get too close to his fingertips. I think I'm just going to do the biting option. I've refrained from doing it because the instructor that gave the new parent discharge class at the hospital made fun of parents that did this lol.
  • kaym6kaym6 member
    My husband works overnight frequently so the nights he's home he watches the baby so that I can go take a 10-15 minute bath just to relax and have a break since I'm with the baby alone with no family nearby all day and even night a lot of times.... His favorite thing to do is to bring the baby in to "say hi" even when he's crying. I always act excited to see them but inside I really feel like screaming at him to leave me alone lol I don't have the heart to ask him not to do that because my husband looks so excited to come in and say hi holding the baby 
  • I have cervical cancer. My OB is going to wait since we are planning on a hysterectomy anyways. He told me just to call and his nurse will schedule him for the OR with what works for my schedule. My cervical cancer is not in a very easy spot so a hysterectomy is my only treatment option. My OB did a colposcopy at my 6 week appointment, but DH keeps brain farting that I had to have multiple biopsies done and my OB said no sex until Sunday. DH is pining for sex because I didn't want to be touched while pregnant. It's only a couple more days, he will live but maybe he thinks his male anatomy is going to fall off? Men!

  • klbhklbh member
    @PedsIsHardcore I'm so sorry to hear that. I cannot believe you actually have cancer and your husband is nagging you for sex. Good lord! Hope your treatment and recovery go as well as possible. 
  • klbh said:
    @PedsIsHardcore I'm so sorry to hear that. I cannot believe you actually have cancer and your husband is nagging you for sex. Good lord! Hope your treatment and recovery go as well as possible. 

    Thank you

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