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So everything is changed since baby came along. I find myself doing things and saying to myself, "Wow, I'm sure a first time mom! #ftmproblems" I thought it might be nice to share any moments my fellow FTMs have had!

For instance right now, DD is sleeping in her crib and has been for the past 4 hours. At 7 weeks she is sleeping 7-8 hours at night. I know she's a good sleeper and I'm lucky but now I can't fall asleep because I'm paranoid, just needing to watch her on the monitor. Guess I'm depriving myself of sleep tonight. #ftmproblems

Re: #FTMproblems

  • Wow, same!  I know I should be going to sleep because my husband is working very late tonight and I need to have the energy to do everything in the morning by myself, but instead I'm watching her on the monitor and refreshing my knowledge of infant CPR on the internet!  I do so much better when my husband is at home, or during the day, but I become a paranoid maniac when I'm alone with her at night.

    Also, FTM thing - I was shocked at how bad I am with changing her clothes!  First off, she haaaaates having her outfit changed no matter who is doing it, but I am even worse at it than my husband!  Though, to be fair, I have zero baby experience prior to this and he has three much younger (like 15 years younger) sisters and babysat his whole life.  But still!  Embarrassing.  I'm improving but she still is not a fan of my skill level.

    And I'm terrified to drive alone with her.  Still haven't at nearly 6 weeks.  Okay, that's probably enough embarrassing FTM stuff for one night!  ;)
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    This happened to both DH and I in the first few weeks, but we have it figured out now. Burping LO without some kind of burp rag or muslin nearby! DH got the first major puke, it was everywhere and I was in the kitchen when he started yelling for help in a panicked voice. I thought the kid was dead, but nope, just puke all down the front of DH and LO! Unfortunately it happened to me the next week... This was when we learned to always have something to catch the spit up when feeding or burping LO. Definitely a rookie mistake...

    ETA: it didn't post everything... Silly TB
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    I am constantly flummoxed by trying to clip my son's nails! I file them every couple of days while he's napping, but he still scratches his little face. The other night I busted out the baby nail clippers and did okay for one hand, but then I got a tiny bit of his skin on one finger. He squawked just once and went straight back to sleep, but there was a red mark for a day or so. Now I'm traumatized and back to the ineffective filing. :(
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    I had my first blowout last week right before we left for the doctor. I had no clue where to start with the cleanup since it was everywhere and it just kept coming out.I had to call my husband to talk me off the ledge!
  • I actually called the peditrician and asked if it was okay that she slept 8.5 hours. To be fair she she had diarrhea the day before. Last week during a 3 am feeding i attempted to switch sides in my half comatose state when baby girl started flailing her arms as if trying to tell me something. I neglected to realize she was telling me something when milk squirted our of her tiny nose. It was a combination of sad and humorous. 
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    @klbh, this was talked about in another thread too, but one trick for nails that has worked for me is biting them. Sounds gross, and probably isn't recommended by ANY pediatrician, but I can't stomach the thought of cutting LO. My mom is the one who told me to bite them (she did it for all of us kids), and I was definitely put off by the idea at first, but it has been such a game changer! Her nails are so soft that they come right off. Plus, she flails too much for me to handle both her hand and the clippers (and I can't do it while she sleeps, because she wakes up). I'm sure a lot of people will disagree with this method, but I thought I'd throw it out there!
    ETA my #ftmproblem(s)...
    I can't leave LO in a room alone (even if she is sleeping) for more than 5 minutes without feeling the urge NEED to check on her.
    I cried when she got her shots. And that night when she was crying because of the shots. 
    I can't leave the house unless LO has a bow on her head and socks on her feet.
    ...and the list goes on.

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    @cyanopeMy mom told me to do that too!!! It grosses me out but it works!

    #FTMproblem...I can't sleep when DS is asleep because of the "phantom crying". It's all in my head but it's adding to the sleep deprivation. Also. My mom used the last diaper on Saturday night and I forgot to restock my diaper bag. Minor panick attack while attempting to change him at church Sunday. Thankfully the nursery lent me one!
  • My DH and I are religious about hand sanitizer to probably an obsessive degree. I know obviously it's important to be mindful of germs, but I'm sure we're above the paranoid level. Babies thrived before all the days of handwashing and sanitizer but I can't help it! My poor mom complies when I ask her before she picks up LO, but she always tells me I turned out great without it.
  • I totally feel like I will be (if DH and I decide to have another child) the mom's in the LUVS commercials. I'm not high maintenance myself, but I get particular about certain things with him.  I make sure that DS is put together all of the time.  He needs clean everything if we go out in public (I'll change him out of something if he's spit up on it even a small bit), I match his outfits to his socks, and even his little hats that I put on him, if we're going out.  I go over the top with him and I feel like by the 2nd one, I'll be saying to myself; "He/she has a clean diaper, and something covering their top and bottom, let's go!"

    I clean/straighten his nursery way to much.  It's clean, let's be real, he can't do a whole lot in there.  Yet, I act as if the room needs a thorough scrub down regularly.  If we play with some of his toys or his play mat, I put it back against the wall for the next time.  When I grab a onsie or pants from his dresser, I make sure the other piles are neat and not tipped over in the drawer. I am doomed for when he becomes mobile and things are going to be ALL over the house, when that time comes.

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