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Baby Earplugs

Has anyone used the wax earplugs you squish in the ear? I really want to get DH tickets to an NBA game for his bday. It's the last time that the Lakers (more specifically Kobe) will in Utah. I'm getting seats further up in the arena so it won't be as noisy. We went to a wedding last week and it was way louder than I expected. I wish I would have had noise protection then. I'm hoping to find a solution to help her and let us enjoy a family outing. 

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  • I know they make noise-cancelling headphones that fit babies, but I'm not totally sure that they would fit a newborn. A friend who is a professional musician has posted pics of his little one wearing them with him on stage.  I'm not sure the brand, but I know they exist:)
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    These have really good reviews!

    eta: oh my gosh, scroll through the customer images if you have time to kill. Adorable!!!
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  • I definitely recommend the Baby Banz headphones. I coach cheerleading, and my little one (4 weeks) sleeps right through everything at competitions! I thought they'd squeeze his head which worried me, but they're super soft on the inside and very light. They work great!
  • You may find your baby is fine, ours loves loud places. 
  • Well we bought these ear covers and they are too big for her head. They don't sit right against her ears. So we are going to try using the wax ear plugs I found at Walgreens. We went to a wedding a couple of weeks ago and it was loud as hell. She did fine. I just don't want to do any damage I can see now. 

  • @meg+on+the+DL - They might not have fit well but she looks cute as heck with the headphones!!

  • @BabySeaTurtles Right?! I seriously love the look in her face like.... WTF is going on right now?? 


  • These are great! I got mine on Amazon. 
  • What volume do you think these are necessary? We went to a loud festival the other day and I was freaking out about ear damage but Baby slept right through it so maybe I am just paranoid? 
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