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Switching to convertible car seat

I know every baby is different but wondering if you've thought about switching over to a convertible car seat yet? Or thought about when you might? We use the Chicco KeyFit 30 carrier/car seat and I've been researching when to switch, I've found so many confusing answers am all worries when to switch/when I'm supposed to! Do yall know the rules? Or a website for help on this? She's on the last slot for the straps and her feet are starting to hang over, but her head is not over. She weighs 18 lbs. 

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    We switched to Evenflo Tribute Convertible Seat a while back. I believe it was around 5 months. You can switch whenever you feel ready. Some parents never actually purchase a carrier and go straight to a convertible seat. As long as the baby is already 5 lbs (which is usually the minimum for most seats), then you can have your baby in a convertible seat. Of course each seat is different so make sure you view the weight restrictions for the seat you purchase.
  • I am switching soon! My son doesn't really like his car seat and he is outgrowing it and I've heard from other moms that switching helps! I'm planning on getting one that grows with my son but it's up to you when you think your baby is ready for it. Keep us updated mama! 
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    Yup my LO is getting too heavy to haul around in the bucket seat so we've checked out out some convertibles. We were liking the Chicco NextFit for a while but I think we're going to end up with the Graco Milestone since it can also convert to a booster. For recommended seats and reviews I checked out Car Seats for the Littles as well as Lucie's List.
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  • We are switching in the next week or two when my mom comes to visit (she's buying it). I made my decision to switch based on when she could sit up on her own in a shopping cart. It's been about a month now. Also, at her 6 month checkup, she measured 27in and her infant seat only goes to 30in so I knew it was getting close.

    A couple of tips of what to look for is how long do you want this seat to last? Some seats only go to 40lbs. Some go to 100lbs. How close in age are you going to have your kids? You might be able to get away with a convertible seat with a lower weight rating if it will be passed down to the second child when the first is ready for a booster seat. In some cases, buying a lower weight convertible seat and a booster seat seperate costs as much as buying one higher weight convertible seat but then you would have two seats for two kids instead of just one. The ideal range for this seems to be about 2 to 3 years.

    Last piece of advice, just know that no matter how much you spend on a car seat, they are all tested to minimum requirements for safety. Don't feel bad if you choose to buy the cheapest car seat the store has because that's all you can afford.
  • We didnt go crazy expensive for either of our carseats. We had the baby trend infant seat, mostly because I preferred the triangle handle. We switched to the graco Contender65 at 4 months b/c LO's feet were hanging over and he is such a chunk that he was flat out uncomfortable. The Graco isnt the cheapest or most expensive convertible, about $150,  but it has been perfect for us. LO loves it and it will last until he is around 60 pounds. Also like some others have said before go to http://csftl.org/ it makes the desicion making much easier and shows you who has the lowest price. Best of luck mommas convertibles are amazing.
  • My baby girl has been in a convertible seat since coming home from the hospital!
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