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Diaper sizes - need suggestions

hey ladies!

my LO is going to be one month old tomorrow (excuse me while I go bawl my eyes out) and I need some input on her diaper size. I feel like she's somewhere between a NB and a size 1. The NB is starting to ride pretty low and you've got to get it on just right so she doesn't blow out everywhere. I feel like it's getting really snug on her chunky little thighs. Tonight we tried on a size 1 on her and it just seems so big. The inner lining is snug on her thighs but the outer lining isn't even touching her. I'm worried that she's going to leak out of the leg holes and up the back. 

Any suggestions? Is it better to keep her in the smaller size or move her up to the new ones? I wish there was a 0.5 size lol

Re: Diaper sizes - need suggestions

  • AchaeAchae
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    Try her in the 1, or maybe that brand of diaper just doesn't work for that size! If she leaks in the ones then you'll know to keep her in newborn but since she's blowing out of them all it sounds like a good plan to move up a size. 
  • Achae said:
    Try her in the 1, or maybe that brand of diaper just doesn't work for that size! If she leaks in the ones then you'll know to keep her in newborn but since she's blowing out of them all it sounds like a good plan to move up a size. 
    Well she hasn't blown out yet it's just that I could see it happening. She usually doesn't have giant poops and we can usually hear them before anything lol 
  • Our baby has been in size 1 since birth. She was 8lb 13oz when born but dropped to 7lb 8ox before gaining weight again (she's pretty long though). What brand of diapers have you been using? The pampers have always fit her great. We are still folding down the front to accommodate her umbilical cord. I just went through a box of huggies and they were loose on the legs and we did have some leakage and blowouts. I feel like that can just be attributed to the brand. No more huggies for us! We're sticking with pampers and trying Targets Up & Up brand as I've heard they're pretty good too. Sounds like you may just need a diaper built better than is more snug around the legs. Best of luck!
  • We went through this a week or so ago! My SIL  gave us some Honest Company size 1 diapers her daughter outgrew before they used them. i think they're smaller than the Huggies/Pampers/Kirkland ones and they worked well
    for the not quite newborn but size 1 was too big couple of days! 
  • DS has been in size ones since birth, that's what they used in our hospital and the only newborn diapers I bought were a pack on Honest Co. that I found on clearance at Target. They were so small I couldn't even use those on DS when we brought him home (I'm keeping them for DD to use for her baby dolls). I have used Pampers and Huggies, they both fit a bit differently. You may just need to experiment with different brands as PPs have suggested or just tough it out for a few days while she's in between sizes and figure out what works. 

  • @middy411 we've been using pampers swaddlers the entire time. That's also what they used in the hospital. @mwmiller4 we have to run to target today so maybe we'll pick up a small pack of size 1 from the honest company to get her through the little growth spurt she needs to fit back into the pampers size 1. Thanks for the tip!

    the good news is that she didn't blow out last night in the size 1, although it was only on for a couple hours at the beginning of the night so we'll see how it goes!
  • My LO was 8 lbs 7oz at birth and then went down to 7 lbs 13oz. We used newborn huggies at the hospital and then went through a small pack of pampers NB, AND then she has been in pampers size 1 since probably 1 week (she's 4 weeks today). The few times we had leaks were when she was in the smaller diapers. The honest co. diapers are kind of in between NB and size 1 so they are a good brand to try if you want something a little more snug! 
  • I personally would wait until you have a blow out in the newborn size. DD is 7 weeks old and still in newborn diapers and the other day I had to use a diaper that I always keep in my purse and for some reason it was a size one? I don't know how that happened but I had to use it and she peed out both sides because it was just way too big and I couldn't get it tight enough around her little thighs. 
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  • I agree with ohbaby714. I believe in "it's not a problem til it's a problem."  We've tried a few different sizes and types and have had plenty of blowouts. Count your blessings;) and don't worry about it for now. 
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  • Thanks for all the input ladies! We're going to finish up the 11 or so diapers we have left in newborn size and then we bought the smallest package of honest co size 1s we could find. Hopefully that bridges the gap between the two sizes :)
  • shupertj09shupertj09
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    So we have a boy and our pediatrician showed us a trick to help keep him from peeing up and out....but this trick might work for you as well with the size 1 diapers. Fold the top front of the diaper down forward a little and then down back (into the diaper) and attach sides. It would let you bring it up higher on your DD and prevent it from hanging to her knees.

    ETA: you're folding the top of the diaper like an accordion. 
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  • PSA: 
    Earth fare has Honest diapers BOGO free. My husband went out to grab some and they were sold out but gave him a rain check for the same deal for Monday. Just wanted to share!
  • I'm having a similar issue.  My LO is 5 weeks, and his NB diapers are very snug around his legs.  I tried size 1 and, like you, they seem really huge on him.  However, I let him stay in a size 1 for a couple hours and he did fine, even with a poopy diaper, he didn't leak out.  I use Huggies little snugglers right now. 

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  • Update: we got the honest co diapers and they definitely seem like a good in between size. The only thing that stinks is that I'm so used to the wetness indicator on the pampers swaddlers that now I have to actually check to see if she needs a new diaper! #firstworldproblems
  • Oh gosh, we moved to a size 2 already, he's 5 weeks. Size 2 seemed big at first but it's been working out great and no leaks!! I'm using pampers swaddlers and love them 
  • Haha @ashton2190 that drives me crazy, too! Stupid expensive organic diapers...
  • We are also in size 2, at 6 weeks old. He started having blowouts in size 1. Pampers Swaddlers are what we use too.

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  • The walmart brand size 1 are kind of an in between from NB to 1. They aren't as nice as pampers but they work and cheaper than organic.
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