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Caffeine? How much is too much..

Please help.. I was a caffeine addict before pregnancy.  And have 2 prev boys who i didn't have a problem with avoiding all caffeine. BUT this time it is bad!. I'm so tired all the time and i need ways to help me get to work and stay awake..how much caffeine is good. I've tried decaffeinated drinks and do not work at all.. any advice please 

Re: Caffeine? How much is too much..

  • they say anything under 200mg/day is okay. I've seen some women say they have anywhere from 1-3 cups of coffee a day. i personally stopped drinking coffee, but I'd have aome caffinated tea or pop here & there. my LO turned out perfect!
  • Thanks i stick to one a day- either coffee or a Coke. And i drink other drinks like juices and water as well. .i guess I'm just paranoid bc i haven't been able to get rid of my caffeine habit 
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    Other posters are right; 200 mg is recommended. 

    Do you crave caffeine for the energy boost, or the flavor of caffeinated beverages? 
  • What pp said, 200 mg a day. 
    I had 1-2 cups of coffee most days during my pregnancy and the occasional Coke. 
  • I drink one cup of coffee in the morning and every once in awhile I'll have a Coke too. 
  • My doctor said NO caffeine what so ever. I'm not high risk or anything, that is just what she said at my first prenatal visit. 
  • I stop drinking coffee the first trimester. Now I will drink a cup of coffee in the morning and sometimes, when I go out to eat I will have a soda or sweet tea. My doctor said it was ok. Just in moderation. Of course, water water and more water.
  • I was told 200mg is fine and that the risk involved is with miscarrying (8oz drip coffee should be ~90mg, though most mugs hold 12-16oz). During 1st tri I skipped the caffeine altogether. Second tri rolled around and I started drinking 1 cup a day. I passed viability at 24 weeks and now I'm back at 2-4 cups per day... Ask your doctor. Do the best you can.

    Does anyone know of any reason not to drink caffeine other than risk of miscarrying in first trimester? Obviously dehydration is a possibility, but at 120oz of water daily I'm having trouble seeing any issue with drinking as much caffeine as my heart desires now...
  • @noelietrex I did exactly what you have (except I'm not at viability).  I didn't drink any first tri, and now I have my morning cup every day, and have started drinking tea's again later in the day. 

    The only thing I have heard about caffeine other than the risk of MC, is it can be harder the first couple months when the baby is born, since the baby is used to caffeine.  Not sure if this is true or not, I haven't asked Dr Google yet. 

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  • https://americanpregnancy.org/pregnancy-health/caffeine-during-pregnancy/

    This lists some of the recommendations and potential effects of caffeine during pregnancy. Like other doctors, mine recommended less than 200 mg/day. I don't drink coffee and only rarely drink soda, so the only caffeine I ever get is iced tea a few times a week. I don't come anywhere close to 200 mg/day. 
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  • I usually drank 2-3 cups a day.  I went down to 1 and even tried half regular/half decaf.  Wasn't so much the caffeine I needed, more liked the flavour and routine.
  • OMG I was suuuuuuch a caffeine addict before finding out I was pregnant. As a FTM, though, I went cold turkey as soon as I knew. It's been shockingly easy, except I occasionally have dreams about coffee...lol.
  • I drank coffee everyday too. I have one 12oz Chai Tea Once a week now. I know they have a recommended amount, but if your not comfortable with that maybe talk to physician?
  • I didn't drink it at all during the first trimester because it made me sick. I had tea some days. Since I've been in my second trimester I have 1 cup per day. I also sip it slowly, that's just always been how I drink coffee.. probably makes no difference but I feel better knowing I'm not giving her a big caffeine rush all at once. I don't like soda at all so I don't have to worry about avoiding that.  I think under 200mg is fine, I've never heard of a doctor saying to completely avoid it.
  • Some drs will say avoid it altogether. Some say 200mg is fine. My dr said try to keep it around 200mg max, if I need the caffeine. Now, just for reference. One regular shot of espresso has around 64mg of caffeine, 12oz of Coke has 35mg. Which means I am totally good with my grande iced caramel macchiato every other morning, and a 12oz Coke Zero. Not that I consume that on a daily basis, but as long as you're vaguely familiar with the caffeine levels in different things, you're good.

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  • elldel said:
    bnt1023 said:
    My doctor said NO caffeine what so ever. I'm not high risk or anything, that is just what she said at my first prenatal visit. 
    Get a new doctor. 

    In all seriousness, it's standard recommendation that pregnant women have no more than 200mg of caffeine per day. According to my doctor...and the doctors of pretty much every other pregnant woman i have ever known. 
    This. It sounds like your doctor has some outdated info. I would be concerned. 
  • I managed a Starbucks for the past 5 yrs.... Defffffinitely  feeling ya on the caffeine deprivation! I typically drink a Grande Half Decaf brewed coffee to get my fix. It's perfect & within our 200mg limits, when a regular Grande wouldn't be. 

    Also, ever since i started a prenatal Iron supplement, I have had WAY more energy. I  didn't realize how great it was until i forgot to take it once last week, and was dragging myself around all day. 
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