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False positive OPK

hello everyone! I am a lurker from TTCAL and figure you might be a good group to ask this too such you are the success stories we are all hoping for:

Small intro, MMC was found at 9 weeks on 2/29, must have only lost the heartbeat a few days before because the baby grew exactly 2 weeks worth in the two between scans.  I am exactly 2 weeks today since my d&c, I know my hcg is dropping based on a week's estimator clue blue this weekend and I have been following my BBT with a steady decline. This morning, my temp dropped like a rock, so for some reason I figured let's start my OPKs today since I see my doc for post op appointment and BD clearance tomorrow. 

Low and behold, smiley face. I don't trust it since it's only 2 weeks and in the 2 months we were TTC prior to loss I only got 1 positive, the month of our BFP. 

Did is anyone have issue with multiple false positives after their loss from all the hormones? It's been 2 weeks, I have no bleeding and don't want to miss it if it's real, so that would mean HIO a day before the official ok from my dr. 

(Sorry if this seems like a dr Google post, that is not how I intend it) I did immediately start all my vitamins for ovulary health again that I was taking before our positive. 

Re: False positive OPK

  • OPKs can actually detect HCG and give positive results because of that. If you're not certain your HCG is back to zero I'm guessing that's what happened. 


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  • I agree with PP. In the second month following my d&c, I had positive opks over and over. I read that being pregnant can turn an opk +, so I tried a pregnancy test and got a BFP. I was super excited, but when I called my dr's office, they said it was likely that it was leftover hcg following the d&e. Bloodwork showed my hcg was 7 and two days later it was 6. It was just dropping really slow.
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    RE says the low egg count is likely causing my recurrent pregnancy loss. Less eggs results in more aneuploidy.

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  • I had a lot of trouble with OPKs. Some months I would never get a smiley face and some months I would have a smiley face for a week straight. I know the month before this positive pregnancy I got a smiley face and tried so hard to time sex right around it and just after it but to no success that month. I can't recall if I even took OPKs the month I got this BFP. Temping is definitely a much better indicator and keep up with the prenatals from now on since you are TTC and keep up with healthy behaviors so your body is ready when you get the BFP! Good luck!
  • Thanks for the heads up everyone. I'm going to repeat a pregnancy test and see if I still turn that. I started OPKs today since my temp dropped to its lowest ever, 0.3 lower than my previous ovulation dip before my BFP and loss. I know my body is going to be wonky for a while. Just hoping for some normality to get back on TTC with a purpose 
  • @SnobunnieMel Will you doctor do a beta draw to make sure HCG is going back to zero? Usually they like to get it back to zero before you TTC again.

    Also, I've found the wondfo OPKs from Amazon to be much more accurate than digital ones. 


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  • @waterfall213 they have not mentioned doing any and my doctor basically said as soon as you stop bleeding from the d&c you can start trying. We have officially waited until my 2 week post op tomorrow just for my own peace of mind. I can ask to get one drawn tomorrow I'm guessing. 
  • use the wondfo, I could not handle those smiley face contraptions (ironically though I ended up with a bfp that month anyway) 
  • I got pregnant with my rainbow baby (he's 4 now) two weeks after my d&c. I wasn't using opks though so icing tell you about that. Just that I guess it's totally possible it's right. 
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  • So I'm guessing its a false.  HPT is still so positive I could sell it as a prank. I will be getting a beta drawn tomorrow. Thanks for all the help ladies. Hope to be joining you soon. 
  • @SnobunnieMel  what did the doctor say?
  • He told me that they will still turn positive if my hcg level is high. He also said my hcg doesn't necessarily have to be down at 0 to ovulate again. Everyone will start to ovulate again as soon as it gets below the level at which the ovaries are suppressed. Only problem is that is different for everyone and no way to really test for sure. He drew a beta for me but it's not back yet. I repeated a HPT today and it was much lighter. I'm going to use my OPK to make shift track as well. Hoping they go negative soon then positive again in a week or two. They are getting quite a bit lighter. 
  • Hoping for good news for you in the next few weeks!!
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