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Pregnant after a Loss

Success stories after multiple D&C's?

I am recovering from my second D&C, thankfully without complications, but I'm starting to get nervous about the risk of scarring and potential problems.  Clearly I've been doing too much googling.  I'd love to hear from others who had two or more D&C's.  Did you do anything to improve your uterine lining, or anything else to prepare to try again?  TIA!

Re: Success stories after multiple D&C's?

  • I was once in the same boat as you. I had two back to back d&c's after two early losses. We were given the go ahead to start trying again after two months, were pregnant on our first try, and I'm now looking at my very handsome 15 month old. Believe me, I'm as neurotic as they come and couldn't stop researching scarring and any other complications that could result from multiple d&cs! Try to remember (I know it's not easy!) that MOST OFTEN all turns out okay. Feel free to message me if u want to talk more. I know how important it is to have support during this time!
  • @Rorybaby3 thank you so much!  After my 1st D&C (2nd loss but not back to back) I was able to think of it as a fluke and feel pretty confident that we'd be okay the next time.  But after two consecutive mmc's I'm really scared!  It is hard not to feel like there's something wrong with you.  Did your doctor do any testing or have any recommendations after two?
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  • Hey! Both my losses were assumed to be chromosomal (one confirmed, one not). My dr wasn't particularly concerned bc 1) I had a healthy baby shortly before them 2) I was then 35. I was scheming
  • Sorry! 
    I was scheming  :) to get my dr to refer me for genetic testing and the specialized U/S to check for scar tissue but before I could really advocate for any real interventions, I was pregnant again. 
    Has your dr told you when you can start trying again? 
  • I'll go for a post-op apt next week, and I have a lot of questions.  We didn't test either fetus but I'd like to get some bloodwork done this time (what I don't know, but I really like this obgyn and I'll see what he recommends).  I think we will wait a few months to try because we seem to get pregnant fast and two first trimesters back to back have taken a toll on me.
  • I know how you feel. I kind of jumped into it even though a lot of people tried to dissuade me. I was just so worried that it wouldn't happen and wanted to give us more time in case we had more problems. For me, it was partially an age issue bc I was 35 and my husband was over 40.
  • My story is a a little rare I think but we discovered a mmc (chromosomal) around Thanksgiving of 2015 and went on to have a tragic d&c (tons of blood, ended up puching holes in me 6 places to double check i wasn't bleeding out somewhere)  which apparently missed some since I developed a raging fever (104) and infection within 24 hours after which led to a second d&c two weeks after the first.  Then, the night of the day my doc the go-ahead to go off pelvic rest (21 days post surgery) was apparently perfect timing because I'm now 10w4d along and yesterday's peek at the heartbeat was a glorious 177.  Doctor had no concerns at all beyond the same ones she has with everyone.   Good luck!
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  • @lilyaster I just had one d&c, but since you mentioned that after two losses it's hard not to think there's something wrong with you, I figured I'd chime in. I had a chemical pg about 4 months after my d&c and worried the same thing. I thought I was going to lose this third pg early on, as well. My husband said there was some kind of Hunger Games thing going on in my uterus, and the baby that survives it is going to be very strong. (I nicknamed this baby Thor until I found out it's a girl.) 

    I just wanted to say that everything can feel so hopeless, then completely change overnight. I'm 37 and after two losses, I worried that I'd never have kids. But now I'm past the halfway point with a healthy baby. I hope your luck changes soon, too.
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    RE says the low egg count is likely causing my recurrent pregnancy loss. Less eggs results in more aneuploidy.

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  • @CarrieandRoy thanks for sharing your story.  I too feel like it will take a strong baby to survive. 

    @anna.oskar Wow that sounds awful!  It is encouraging to know that you were able to conceive just fine even after all that trauma.

  • Hi. I've had three MC's in a row prior to this pregnancy. First and third required a d&c. We spoke with a MFM physician after the most recent MC due to the baby having chromosomal abnormalities and he did an u/s to check the lining of my uterus, etc. 

    We waited the recommended two cycles before trying again and with this pregnancy, it seems that everything is going much better. Nine weeks today and we had a great ultrasound this morning. Doesn't mean I'm still not anxious, but I'm trying really hard to keep the hope alive.
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