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Any bellefit or other type of corset/binder success stories?

Hey ladies, I was not planning on getting a girdle, corset or binder but for whatever reason my posture has been AWFUL since giving birth.  It's seriously like the Hunchback of Notre Dame over here.  I'm thinking one of these things might help me sit up straight until I get back into the habit.  I also would certainly not mind any help with getting my waist/hips back down to their normal size (that has not been going super well, since I generally have trouble losing weight when I don't sleep much - and that's not changing any time soon.)  However, I'm also 5 weeks postpartum already, so I wonder if it's too late for it to really help?  Also, these things look pretty expensive, so I'd love to hear from anyone who actually bought them and tried them to see what feedback you have, pro or con.  Thank you!

Re: Any bellefit or other type of corset/binder success stories?

  • I bought a Bellefit at 3 weeks PP and am now 8 weeks Pp. I wear it but DD HATES it! When I hold her or nurse her, she gets upset until I take it off. I think she likes her mommy be squishy :) I have lost inches and am back in my pre pregnancy pants (granted they were my fat pants...) but I think it's mostly due to EBF and exercise. I also noticed that my Bellefit fits and feels the same as the $15 off-brand I bought at TJ MAXX to wear under a dress. It may work for some, but I wish I hadn't spent the money on one. 
  • I made the mistake of buying an expensive one from the mall because I shrunk literally like a week after and it wasn't tight anymore and they wouldn't take it back. But I loved it. I plan on looking for a cheaper one for working out in. I am 8 weeks PP and have been loosing inches SLOWLY which comes from exercise. I EBF/pump A LOT (stay at home mom) but I didnt really see a change until I started back in the gym. I think the "waist trainer" would be a good idea for posture it did have a good impact on mine! 
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  • Thanks for the feedback!
  • This thread makes me sad. Waist trainers do not work!! They just smush things around internally to make it appear as if you are smaller, but really you are just reshaping bones and smashing up your poor internal organs. Plus, if your pelvic floor isn't in tip-top condition (most women's arent until at LEAST 4 months post partum) you risk causing urinary incontinence, vaginal prolapse, rectocele, cystocele, or requiring a hysterectomy or other surgery down the road to correct. Please reconsider and focus on eating healthy. Nutrition is 80% of weight loss after all!
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  • @kvacmak - Don't worry, I'm not thinking it's any kind of miracle cure or something that would trump exercise and healthy eating, I was just hoping it would help with posture and maybe I'd get a bonus in terms of my waistline.  :)  Based on feedback and other online reviews, I decided against getting one.  I looked into some exercises that posture and encourage your ab muscles to move back together and will be doing that instead.  
  • It helped my diastasis recti close. If you don't have one of those, it's not going to help AT ALL. It can actually make the problem worse since you're not using the muscles to support yourself, the binder is doing it for you. Trust me I was a believer and bought two of them, but am returning one for sure. The other did help me to heal post birth, but won't do anything now. Sorry for the negative review. I don't think you're dumb for trying or anything, like I said I was a believer before actually buying the bellefit.
  • *lurker* but I just wanted to chime I that I bought the Bellefit girdle a few weeks pp and biggest waste of money ever. It was so unbelievably uncomfortable that I waited till 12 weeks pp to  try it on again and while it was much better it still chaffed the inside of my thigh raw after only 5ish hours of wearing. How some women say they wear these things 24/7 blows my mind. Also, it doesn't even really make me look better. Yeah it does squeeze things in making my waist look more like it used to, but unless you have zero fat on you it also squeezes every roll up and out the top. Picture mega muffin top right under the bra line. Real attractive  :|
    I have no idea if it would ever work but can't see how it could when I can't even wear it!
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