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Baby teeth brushing!

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I was wondering if any moms have started brushing their little one's teeth!? If so what brand of tooth brush and paste are you using. Thanks in advance mamas! 

Re: Baby teeth brushing!

  • I just use a 3-24 month brush.  They are small and have soft bristles.  My dd is 7 months and we started a month ago.  As far as tooth paste, I use Toms Toddler training Fluoride-free Toothpaste that is mild fruit flavor and again, for ages 3-24 months.  She really just likes to suck on the toothbrush at this point.  I try my best to brush her two teeth and she gets excited every time we pick up her toothbrush/paste :-)  Hope it helps!
  • We dont use any paste but Lo chews on a teether that has a lot of soft bristles and we also have the banana brush. 
  • I bought the banana brush and he pretty bites on that, I figured that is some kind of brushing , and I also bought an Elmo tooth brush with flouride free tooth paste but didn't start that yet, he only got to teeth 
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    We started at 3 months a little after her second tooth came through. We use Oragal brand that is fluoride free. 
  • I don't use any paste yet. Just warm water and a soft rubber bristle brush that slides over my finger. She loves the massage it gives her gums and two teeth!

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