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High grade cervical lesions??

hey all, 
I'm new to the bump although I've been a lurker for years! I'm 36 years old and 9 weeks pregnant with my third child. I miscarried 2x between my first and second child and had d&cs with both. 
Since my first pregnancy, (4 years ago) I've had abnormal paps (hpv) followed by colposcopies, all w low grade results. Dr has been taking a wait and see approach. 8 months ago, I had another pap w abnormal results but then my following colposcopy was normal. I had a pap 2 wks ago and was just called and told they've changed to high grade! I'm freaking out! Dr is not quite as excited. Wanted to wait until 12 wk to do colpo but I insisted on sooner. Now having it at 10 weeks. I'm terrified over what he'll find. Has anyone had any experience w high grade lesions in pregnancy?? If so, how did you proceed. Thanks so much!

Re: High grade cervical lesions??

  • Welcome and congratulations. I'm sorry I don't have any experience or advice for you. But sending you all the good luck for your results. 
  • So nice of you! Thank you and good luck to you too!
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  • Congratulations on your pregnancy! I don't have any personal experience but I do know that finding an abnormal pap in pregnancy is not uncommon. Your doctor should be able to walk you through the best way to manage things, as I'm sure he's helped many patients through this before. Best wishes to you!
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    Welcome and congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm sorry you're going through this and that you've had to have so many colposcopies in the past :( I had one many many years ago, but don't have any  experience during pregnancy. Hoping you get some good news after the colposcopy and can feel at ease. 
  • Thanks guys! I really appreciate your well wishes! 
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