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2 month developmental check in

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Is your 2 month old reaching for objects or holding their head up for long periods of time during tummy time? My pediatrician acted as though LO should be doing these things. I'm not worried about tummy time since his head is off the charts and he pops it up pretty frequently. However, he has no interest in reaching for objects. He throws his arms around on his playmat but never intentionally reaches for anything. If yes, any tips on how to get baby interested in doing so?

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  • I'm pretty sure that flailing is early reaching. My major was child development. Babies don't actually reach and grab things until 3 or 4 months. Before that, it's flailing and sometimes making contact and batting objects. Try to find shiny toys or noisy ones and put them into his hand, then take away and hold above him. But for now, babies are mostly concerned with the social world around him, and that's far more important than toys at this stage. 
  • My LO doesn't have complete head control and isn't reaching for things. She flails and maybe punches once in a while.

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  • @Blueyedsky that's what I thought!! He loves people-smiling and chatting all the time. Thanks!!
  • Same as you and I agree with PP. LO flails arms at the dangling things when she's on her playmate and moves them spastically while she stares at her hands in wonder. My doctor said all that is normal and on pace so I'm sure you're good!
  • Thanks ladies! 
  • My little guy failed the problem solving section because he has zero interest in toys. He wants to smile at me and wave his arms around. The ped said she's right on track and even though he didn't pass problem solving, it's really not of a concern. 
  • @Wicked4589 
    What's the "problem solving section"?
  • My pediatrician does these developmental worksheets but they don't start until 6 months. I'm sure the dr will ask some questions, but kids vary and while there is normal development being a little behind is rarely a concern and at such a young age? It's pretty much impossible for them to be significantly behind. also at this age it's hard to know what's intentional and what's just random. So I understand your confusion. My little man is making progress with tummy time and definitely has decent head control sitting and such but I don't think I'd say a long time and he does bat at toys, but only on his play mat and the one really close to his face. So your little man sounds on track compared to mine. 
  • Our Ped gave us a worksheet of things to check for. It asked questions like is he reaching for toys. Is he smiling. Is he chuckling. Things like that. I assumed all peds did this. It's broken down by gross motor skills, fine motor skills, problem solving, etc. He failed the problem solving section because he doesn't care about toys so I had to check No on everything. But again, the ped said she isn't concerned. She said he's doing just fine and she isn't a stickler with the surveys. Just wants to always see improvement at each apt and as long as he's progressing that's all that matters. 
  • DS would "grab" for things at 2 mo. old, but it was not intentional.  He just happened to be positioned just right under his play mat and when he'd start the windmilling of his arms, they'd hit the toys.  He'd react to them on occasion, because they rattle/spin/make a sound, but he wasn't purposefully grabbing onto anything at that point. 

    He was starting to tolerate tummy time, but wouldn't lift his head up too much either.  He was preemie and the poor thing's head was in the 75th percentile for other 34 week babies.  So needless to say, he was not getting that big ol' head of his off of the ground a whole lot, with all of his other parts being in the 5th percentile. lol

  • Your LO just reached 2  months... Of course he or she isn't going to be doing everything. Babies go at their own pace. My DD is 2 1/2 months and has been reaching and grabbing things, head control is excellent and she can hold her head up for long periods of time. She cannot roll over how some younger babies are doing already. If after a certain period time has gone by and your LO is not doing these things then the pediatrician may start becoming concerned. 
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  • @wicked4589 my pedi does these worksheets as well. My LO also failed a section, but the pedi was not concerned at all. He says they all develop at a slightly different pace and can catch up in a matter of days or even hours sometimes! So @mbud926 I wouldn't worry too much. Your LO could be ahead by their next appointment :)
  • Thanks everyone!! I don't think he'll ever be ahead with gross motor since he's 15.6 at 8 weeks but it's good to know that he's pretty similar to other babies. I hate comparing but you can't help it!!
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