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Pregnant after a Loss

Am I worrying too quickly?

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So I haven't had many symptoms, this or the last pregnancy. Vivid dreams, when I usually don't dream, everything makes me burp, kind of tired, slow digestive track, and SORE BOOBS. Like careful when DH hugs me, wearing a sports bra a night, constantly sore. Lucky, some say, but it makes me squirrelly. Today I realized boobs feel fine. Like not even a little sore. I'm freaked, as I'm right around the point I had my last loss. With the last loss I had zero spotting/bleeding and we didn't find out til 13 week U/S. I don't have my next appointment til 4/7 and I'd hate to have a repeat of the last time. Am I being hyper sensitive? Do I call the doc? Give it a couple days and see? I have so few other symptoms I don't have a lot to go on... so frustrating! Ugh. Open to thoughts. Thanks ladies! 

Re: Am I worrying too quickly?

  • My advice: just try and breathe. I was exactly the same way. My main "symptom" was sore boobs so I was ALWAYS touching them to make sure they still hurt. To the point where my husband was like "why are you always grabbing your boobs?!" And the soreness did come and go for me around the 6-9 week marks. It's just a super scary time thanks to previous losses. Breathe deep and just allow yourself to say "today I am pregnant."
  • Some of my symptoms would come and go as well. Very anxiety provoking for sure. I didn't like feeling crappy but I also hated feeling well. Just breathe, think positive thoughts, and know that there isn't anything you can do right now so you might as well choose to enjoy this pregnancy in this moment. Could your doc get you in for an earlier scan or blood tests to give you some reassurance?
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  • I agree with the others that some symptoms come and go. This is my third pregnancy and I only ever had sore boobs with the second. Call your doctor and ask for an ultrasound to ease your mind. 


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  • Thank you ladies. I know what you mean, I find myself poking my boobs randomly. I'll try to slow down and give it some time. If things still  seem sketchy after a while I'll give the doc a call. April 7th can't come soon enough!
  • All symptoms can come and go, but for me, sore boobs was the most come-and-go of them all. And the soreness was worst in weeks 4-6 if I remember correctly. So I wouldn't worry about that if I were you.

    Nausea for me was a better indicator, I think. When I had my MMC, my intense nausea disappeared overnight at the point where I suspect the heartbeat stopped. This pregnancy it decreased very slowly over several weeks.
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