Having the procedure done alone

I have a scheduled c section coming up in just a few days and I will be in the operating room alone, as well as most of the hospital stay. I am not so much nervous as I am upset about the whole situation. I really wanted a vaginal birth, and then I found out I have to have the selection and now I find out I'll have no one there with me. Has anyone else done it alone? 

Re: Having the procedure done alone

  • I'm sorry :-(! I was close... my mom barely made it due to the weather. I labored for 12.5 hours before having my c section. My step mom didn't feel comfortable coming back with me otherwise I would have been alone since my husband was deployed. 
  • Sorry to hear this.  I will be sending positive mommy vibes your way!!!  Have you toured the hospital?  I've found L&D staff at my hospital to be SUPER awesome and supportive so hopefully you'll get some guidance from them.
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  • I have not had a section alone, but with my most recent section, they forgot about DH and finally brought him in after they had already started cutting. I was too anxious to talk until i knew DD was born, and then DH followed her out of the room. Obviously this isn't the same as facing it alone, butI found the anesthesiologist and nursing staff were actually the ones trying to keep me calm, not DH. 
  • @clynn121 - not sure if you delivered yet, your Post from a few days ago said 'in a few days'.  If not, you can ask if a social worker can be assigned to be a companion during delivery.  Your hospital might be able to make that work.  They are generally really nice, compassionate, easy to talk to people.  My nurses were amazing and hopefully they give you extra support.  Do you have anyone to help when you get home?  If not, talk to your nurses/doctors.  There may be some options for you.  
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