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  • My mom likes a different presidential candidate than me, well actually I like no one, but like hers least of all and she has decided that it is imperative she changes my mind. She has decided that since I don't like him I must be this blind idiot just listening to the media. Even though that's her- I always research things fully. She is taking this so personally and refuses to drop the subject. This could be a long election season *eye roll* 
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  • I'm very interested in politics. But seriously some people need to drop it. Like my husband. And we agree on the subject!
  • My children are so frustrating! The toddler's idea of smiling for a picture is to mug like crazy, so getting a nice picture of him is rare. On the other side the baby will smile like a mad thing UNTIL you get out a camera, then he just stares at the camera like it's going to eat him. I want some nice photos of my boys!
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  • My SO is driving me nuts. He acts like he's dying because of a stuffy nose. Even the toddler has the man flu! They are both so whiney. I get it, you don't feel good, but come on... take a nap or something! 

    Yet, I battled a 4 day crippling migraine and all managed to gut, clean, purge, and pack our kitchen while managing the sick toddler and the baby at the end of last week. Nobody gave me a break...
  • l4rkl4rk member
    We had a tough morning but still managed to get to LO's doctor's appointment...and he didn't even look at her! The nurses weighed and measured her right before the appointment, on my request. Then the doctor told me to set an appointment to do exactly that. I explained that we had just done that 5 minutes prior and the paper was right there... We have different last names, yes, but we just went over that so get it together! Then he plotted her on the charts and sent us on our way. Didn't even touch her.

    The only reason it wasn't a complete waste is because I had the appointment slot immediately before to get a birth control prescription. For that, I just told him exactly what I wanted and he agreed. Done in 30 seconds.

    It took me 4 years to get a family doctor at all in this town, so I guess this is what we're dealing with. It's good to know now that it will be up to me to advocate for my daughter's health if I have any actual concerns.
  • I just came home from taking my 9 year old springer spaniel from the vet. The short version is he could have kidney dysfunction. I'll  know more in the morning. We've had him since he was 8 weeks old. He's been my running, hiking and swimming partner. We've done everything together. And to top it off, my daughter has diarrhea so I'll be calling the pediatrician in the morning. My heart aches
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    I love my job, but I am so sick of spending my planning period and part of my lunch putting out fires.  I am currently dealing with a situation with one of my students that is looking like we may be getting ready to send him to another building because of his explosive behaviors.  It's just exhausting having to deal with what he does, day in and day out.  It's like we know he's going to explode and fly off of the handle, it's just when and for how long.

    Besides, the last thing I wanted to do at 8:30 in the morning was to be out to busses to greet my students and have to haul my umbrella off to the side into the lawn so that I can escort a child into the building because they're refusing to do it by themselves. My decent hair day went right down the tubes! His behavior today led to a suspension for the remainder of the day as well as tomorrow.  He'll be back at it on Wednesday, and we'll go through the cycle all over again. :neutral: 

  • @mrsgetz4000 I'm sorry to hear about your spaniel, I hope he gets well soon! It's so hard when a family member is sick like that. I hope your daughter is ok too!
  • In continuation of my earlier post... DS has now vomited 4 times today (we get to see the doc in the morning) and the baby has had massive poop explosions, all the way down to her feet, twice. 

    If SO comes home complaining about his stuffy nose or being sick, I will throw some motrin at him and a barf bucket. He's on his own. I'm exhausted. 
  • hailees said:

    Jk. But seriously tho :tongue: 
    Unfortunately yes! And I can't stand the man and she seems to think he's the savior or something. Just leave me be.  
  • Okay I know it's Wednesday not Monday but let me complain. lol. My MIL. (Whom I have a whole other thread about if you want to learn more... Haha) she invited us (through a fb event) to her and my step FIL's family Easter event. Then she bought my daughter an Easter dress (which is nice I know..) without asking a. If she needed more dresses (which she doesn't. She already has 7 in her size and 9 in the next size...) or b. If we had other plans for Easter (which we did, we were going to my FIL's). Now my hubby feels obligated to go MIL because of the Easter dress thing (which I think was her plan all along) and on the event page she said "there will be an Easter egg hunt and a prize for the cutest Easter basket" all of the kids in that family is either too old (as in 15+ -just one- everyone else is 18+ with their own kids) or they're too young. As in like under 2. And my SIL is 4 but has a developmental issue so she wouldn't be able to participate either. And I wasn't planning on spending the time/money on an Easter basket for my 2 month old either. Ugh so basically it's going to be a fail and waste of time when we could be spending quality time with my FIL's side, because they are actually nice to be around and don't make me feel like everything I do/say is wrong. 
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