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Sports Bras

I am currently a 34 DDD. I have a goal of running my neighborhoods 5k straight through this August. In order to do that I need a supportive sports bra. Does anyone know of any good sports bras that actually support such big boobs? It doesn't have to be a nursing bra but hey that'd be a bonus haha 

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  • EbiejayEbiejay member
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    None of my current sports bras fit atm but I was 32FF pre pregnancy and I've always used shock absorber bras for running, and most recently a panache molded sports bra that I loved. I haven't come across nursing ones yet but I'm curious if they're out there!
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  • "Moving comfort" brand has always been my go to. The straps are adjustable with Velcro, so while they're not designed for nursing they actually work quite well. I only have two that fit now & they're pricey but I was about to suck it up and order a few more.  But first, I found & ordered a knockoff version from amazon "La isla" high impact full coverage sports bra, looks to be the exact same style for 1/3rd of the price. Hoping they work just as well! 
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  • KFrobKFrob member
    I'm wondering the same thing! I'm the same size and I feel like it's almost impossible to find a nursing bra that fits let alone a sports bra! I want to start running and high impact works out again very soon. I can't stand looking at this floppy middle and saggy butt anymore! I'm also afraid to try on my old work out pants.... I'll probably need to size those up too. 
  • I ordered the SheFit bra (it was on shark tank), but it's back ordered until April. Read some reviews that said its decently nursing friendly! I like that it's adjustable, so it'll fit post breast feeding. 
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