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sciatica pain?

I just turned 14wks today :) but I have been having a lot of pain on the right side of my tail bone & sometimes it goes into my right hip. I've been told it's sciatica pain.
This had been happening since right before I realized I was pregnant. My last pregnancy that ended at 10w5d it got so bad I had to sit on the floor till my bf of the time (this baby's father as well) got home to help me to bed. He used to "massage my butt" for me & it didn't make the pain go away but seemed a lot less.

well we are broken up so I have no one to massage my butt for me. Does anyone know any exercises that help with sciatica pain? It is getting unbearable again! Does a chiropractor help?

Re: sciatica pain?

  • If you just search google you will find a bunch of sciatic stretches I also suggest starting physical therapy.  

    Both of those helped me a lot but I still have pain and have to stretch daily. Sitting on a tennis ball on the sore spots has been amazingly helpful as has been the foam roller. 
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  • I have been suffering from sciatic pain too starting at 14 weeks. I am now 17 weeks and after visiting a prenatal chiropractor a few times feel a lot better. I was using a heating pad and it seemed to make it worse for me. I switched to ice and it made all the difference. Hope you get some relief soon! 
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  • Are you sure it's sciatica pain? I got femoral nerve pain in my second pregnancy, it created a burning achy pain. Now I'm my third pregnancy I have it back from 11 weeks on. Chiropractor was the suggestion and the insurance should cover it. Also warm baths with a towel under you will help if it is sciatica. Hope you start feeling better.
  • Have you considered using a body pillow to sleep at night?  I find that if I sleep with my spine better aligned the pain during the day is more manageable.

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  • I was having sciatic and lower back pain at 14 weeks. I started seeing a chiropractor (1x weekly for a month then 1x fortnightly for the rest of my pregnancy) at it was amazing. I never had the sciatic pain again, and i never got lower back pain again either, even in the end of my pregnancy. So it worked for me! Try and find someone who specialises in pregnant women. Im sure a normal one would be fine, but it made me feel more comfortable knowing that he had specialised training especially for the lower back and pelvic adjustments. 
  • Prenatal yoga just once a week has helped my sciatica pain immensely. I also do stretches on YouTube. Search for hip pain, lower back pain and SI joint pain too.
  • I had awful sciatic issues as well.  I also used cold.  It really helped with the flare ups.  I actually bought a set of wraps to help.  A cold one with multiple gel packs.  Side note, the gels don't move and high quality. I used to sit on them post labor to help with the swelling "down there".  The other wrap was a blood flow stimulator.  Completely safe for pregnancy. Keeps the blood flowing and improves circulation.  The flare ups weren't as bad and if I used it more frequently, they didn't happen as often. Look into them. The back cold wrap was amaaaazing.

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