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19 month old with cold for 2 weeks. Thoughts?

Alright ladies my daughter is 19 months old and has been dealing with cold symptoms for 15 days now. I was not concerned prior to yesterday because she only had a fever the first few days and hs since been back to normal eating and energy etc. Her congestion has been non stop. Yesterday I noticed she was a little warmer than normal  not a fever per say say but warm for her. And yesterday her voice started sounding raspy and there's a rattling like she needs to clear her throat. It's hard to tell if it's in her chest or just her throat. At any rate she has an appt with her dr tomorrow morning. Just wondering anyone else's experiences and if I should be concerned it's turning into something more. 


Re: 19 month old with cold for 2 weeks. Thoughts?

  • Get her checked out for an ear infection or a sinus infection. A common cold should clear up in 7-10 days. If symptoms persist or worsen after that, they will likely give you amoxicilin. Between my two girls and me someone is fighting a cold at any given moment all year round... Yuck. 
  • Does she go to daycare? I had my LO checked around 6 months after a cold for 2-3 weeks and his doc asked that question. When I said yeah, she basically said to expect him to be sick until March-April, lol. He didn't get a fever though. Mostly just sniffles/congestion. The one time he did have a fever/bad cough it ended up being bronchiolitis + an ear infection. I'd  go get her checked out, esp if she feels warm. Better safe than sorry!

  • No she isn't a daycare. She does go to Gymboree 3 times a week. We went to dr on Monday and her ears and lungs were clear. He said since she had new symptoms on the weekend it's likely she was just getting over the first virus when she picked up another. Hooray! She's doing much better though. But man a tiny human makes a ton of snot. Lol 
  • Yeah typical. Mine was sick for like 11 days, got better for 3 days and started another virus. Never ends. 
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