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    Hi all! First ultrasound went well, gestational sac and yolk found, RE told us not to be alarmed about detecting heart beat because it's still early (6w4d according to my sonogram but RE said 6w1d) before even starting, although we did see a flicker. RE saw only one which is fine and I just pray for a healthy and happy 9 months with a healthy and happy baby to hold at the end!! 
  • Thanks for the encouragement ladies! Xo 

    Thankfully I only had spotting that one day. Had my ultrasound on Monday (6.1 weeks) and we are having TWINS! DH about fell over :) Saw both heartbeats, so that was a huge relief. We did PGS, so we know we are having one girl and one boy. 

    7 weeks tomorrow! I can't wait until the first trimester is over. I got a UTI this week, and then of course the antibiotics caused a yeast infection so I'm a real mess. But it's all worth it!
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  • @ssandberg glad everything is ok. Congrats on the twins and seeing the heartbeats!

    My fetal doppler came in today and I was able to hear the heartbeat at exactly 9 weeks. It took me about 15 minutes to find it. I'm probably not going to have another ultrasound for awhile, so having the ability to hear my baby's heartbeat will keep me sane. I recorded the heartbeat and can't stop listening to it. 

    I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weekend. It's finally warm and sunny in the Midwest!
  • @Rachd110 I would listen to the HB everyday! Will definitely be investing in one! I'm from WI and yes the weather is great let's pray it stays! 
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