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Separation anxiety

My son is 9 months old and he is so clingy I can't walk to the other side of the bed without him crying. He thinks I'm gonna leave him I guess. Any tips on how to help him and me with this separation anxiety. 
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Re: Separation anxiety

  • My girl does the same. She is 10mons plus. I have to get ready for work and she needs my attention. I put on a song from one of her toys to entertain her. Plus it is on 30 mins timer so I know im outta time when the song ends. I put her in the playpen and let her see me and I sing/talk to her/make eye contact with her while I get ready or cook or clean. It helps. She wants reassurance that I didnt forget about her. Just smile alot. And I mean eyebrows raised, mouth widen showing teeth, and  make it a good feeling when you are far from him. Do that from a distance in view. He will eventually associate you away from him is a good thing.
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    Hi son has been like this since 4 months old it's gotten worse when family comes over he only wants me and will cry and cry when I'm not holding him or when he can't see me, it's been such a challenge because I literally can't even go pee without him freaking out. I wish I could get some advice on how to over come this obstacle 
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