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sleep training help!

Ok so my 4 month old has always fallen asleep while nursing, and was already sleeping through the night, a few days ago he started waking up every hour (or half hour!) So my pediatrician said I should start sleep training. I've only tried a couple of days but he won't stop crying unless he nurses, he would cry so much he runs out of air and coughs and cries uncontrollably. I've tried comforting without picking him up, picking him up to calm him down, letting him cry for a long period (like 15minutes) and nothing seems to calm him down. Please any advise, suggestions, any help at all would be appreciated!! 

Re: sleep training help!

  • You should look up 4 month sleep regression. My good sleeper was getting every hour or 2 for the last week he seems to be getting over it now, and going back to his normal sleep pattern 
  • apparently there is a book about sleep training that does not involve crying it out. I read about it in one of my mom facebook groups, but can't find it now.
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  • @cdepperschmidt is it the No Cry Sleep Solution?
  • I personally don't believe in CIO method, I feel babies cry for a reason and need soothed. 
  • I don't know about sleep training, but some other methods of soothing might include pacifiers, white noise or singing, and motion (rocking, baby wearing, pushing around the house in stroller).

    Jane has a projector attached to her crib. You press a button, and it plays 20 minutes of gentle music accompanied by images projected on the ceiling. She loves it. If she wakes up in the night and is not actually hungry, she is very content to watch her ceiling show and go right back to sleep. 

    It may be that your LO is actually just that hungry. If it's truly the only thing that comforts him, I might just feed him when he wakes in the night for a week or so, and see whether it was just a phase. That's up to you, of course. 
  • If your LO was sleeping great then suddenly started waking, it seems like there is something going on and he does not just need sleep training. I would just ride it out for a week or two and see what happens, hopefully you LO will return to their old sleep patterns. If they do not and you are still interested in sleep, I would recommend reading Dr Ferber's book (I forget the name but a search of Ferber brings it right up).  Ferber recommends a modified CIO method so it is not for everyone.  We used his method with DS at about 6 months and yes there was some crying but the worst wad over in one weekend. 
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  • Have you tried putting LO into a different sleep position? Ours HATES sleeping on his back now that he is without the swaddle. I put him down on his back and he rolls to his side. Sometimes he will freak out at night and has rolled onto his back, I just roll him to his side and he's fine.

    When we dropped the swaddle we also started giving him a lovey at night when he was eating his bedtime bottle and then he holds it while he sleeps. Maybe that would help to have something there to comfort him?

    Our little guy has basically been sleep trained from day 1, but I'm not a fan of CIO. I'd rather get up 5 times a night that sit and listen to him cry. On nights where he's had an off night due to a leap or painful gas I just bring him back into our room. Honestly next baby I'm buying an arms reach co-sleeper. 
  • Bridget refuses to sleep on her back.  She really hates it.  She sleeps on her side now.  I've found if I put a small stuffed animal touching her back or place her with her back touching the side of the PnP, she stays asleep best. 
    If there's something strange underneath the hood.  Who you gonna call?  Your Doctor.  If there's something weird and it don't look good.  Who you gonna call?  Your Doctor.  Immediately.  If it's new, painful, and possibly pregnancy related get your ass off the internet and call your doctor.  It's for your health and your child's. 

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