How long was your hospital stay?

I am having my 3rd c section on Sunday and the doctors had me to stay a full 3 days for each of my previous sections. This time though my baby will need to be transferred to a children's hospital for surgery probably the day after he's born, maybe 2 days later. I'm hoping to be able to get discharged after 2 days to go and be with him, but not sure if this is a realistic goal. Did any of you stay at the hospital for only 2 days? Did leaving the hospital early complicate your recovery?
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Re: How long was your hospital stay?

  • kmd91kmd91 member
    At the hospital I had my son at, the standard practice is 48 hours after a c section. I was released a little over 48 hours after due to some paperwork complications, but could've just as easily been discharged earlier in the day. I don't think I could've handled being in the hospital another day, I was itching to leave. I was so much more comfortable once I was able to go do my own thing and healed up just fine. Went out to lunch with my husband and shopping at Walmart the very next day with no issues. Honestly, I don't know anyone that's stayed 3 days, so I wouldn't think you would have any issues leaving after 2. 
  • Thanks!  I hope I am feeling just as good
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  • I was released 26hours after my c section with my third so it is possible
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  • I was in for four days/three nights. I had my daughter in the evening time on a Friday night and we were released late the following Monday afternoon. 
  • My hospitals standard is 3 days so that's how long I was there for. That being said they can't actually keep you in the hospital against your will. You can leave whenever you want you may just have to sign a document relieving the hospital of liability if something happens to you. You would be leaving against medical advice (ama) 

  • I stayed 4 days with both.  They let me stay and extra day because both times they were in the NICU at the same hospital. However last time the doc asked me if I was wanting to be released the next day after delivery.
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  • 1st- 30hrs, 2nd and 3rd I stayed 48hrs 

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  • The earliest I would have been discharged was 48 hours after my CS. I ended up staying 4 days (Saturday morning until Tuesday evening) because I was showing signs on infection and LO was jaundiced. 
  • cmlsucmlsu member
    I had her at 5:30 pm on a Tuesday and was released 10 am on Thursday. They gave me the option to stay longer but I wanted out of that uncomfortable bed. I had zero complications. It's a realistic goal, but make sure you listen to your body also as you're recovering so you don't push yourself too hard!
  • I had my baby on a Thursday night around 10 pm, and we were released the following Sunday at noon. My baby had a fever when he was born, so we both needed a full course of IV antibiotics. 
  • Our hospital required 4 days, 3 nights for c-sections. So that's what I was in for both of mine. My first was a singleton and my second was twins. 

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  • They were OK to discharge me after 3 nights. I decided to stay 1 more night because they didn't discharge my daughter yet (jaundice). Insurance allowed up to 4 nights, so we stayed and were both discharged after the 4 nights.
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  • ashtasht member
    I went in on a Tuesday night for out Sunday afternoon.
  • i went in on a friday, had him saturday afternoon and then left tuesday afternoon. it felt like i was there forever. 
  • RalphlilyRalphlily member
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    I stayed for 6 days postpartum 9 days total. The first 3 days were spent on bedrest to rest my cervix that had shortened drastically within 4 days. Also was given steroids in case baby came early which he did at 25w3d. Somehow my water broke unbeknownst to me on Saturday. Then on Monday I went in for an ultrasound to see how my cervix was doing and we saw that baby was breech and there was very low amniotic fluid and his foot was hanging out of my Cervix so we did emergency cs and I had him on Monday at 3 hours after ultrasound. From there the first 2 days pp were fine. Originally I was given a 4 day stay given all the circumstances but after day 2 pp I would run a fever on and off all day. My pulse got up to as high as 147 and my blood pressure kept fluctuating. I didnt know what was going on. I was terrified. The doctor told me that they were waiting on the results of my blood work to come back and then would decide if I needed to go to the ICU!! The ICU!!! At that point they tried to check my heart rate and I assured them that it was through the roof and they may want to give me a minute!!! Lol. Here I am 25 week baby in the NICU and now this! Anyway blood work was fine. I was put on antibiotics through an IV for 30 mins every 8 hours. Now let me remind you that when you run a fever you aren't allowed in the NICU until 24 after your last fever. And here's the thing even with the fever, the blood pressure, the racing pulse, I felt normal. I was up and walking the hallway the next day pp, so the fact that I couldn't see my baby was devasting. I drank tons of water, turned my A/c low, nothing worked. I would be fine all day and then randomly at some point in the day they'd come check my vitals and there goes that dreaded 100.4 or even 102.2 temp. Eventually all of the antibiotics got in my system and I was able to see my baby and he's doing really good. I'm very grateful that I was able to get the steroid injections for his lungs 48 hours prior to me delivering because it has really helped. By the end I spent 9 days in the hospital and as much as I didn't want to leave my son, I knew that he's at a great hospital with a top rated NICU in the country and I was ready to lay in my bed. Between pumping breastmilk every 3 hours to dealing with painful gas and bloating from Cs to getting rid of fevers and fevers means nurses in your room every 30 mins to an hour and the worry of my baby being born at 25 weeks I was exhausted. I'm so grateful for my dedicated husband he was by my side every step of the way to the point where I had to tell him "Babe, we've been here for days, go get some fresh air, have a drink!"  And so he did but otherwise he was completely loving and devoted. 
  • 4 days and 3 nights when we had DS. Csection was Tuesday and discharged Saturday morning.
  • I've only had 1 c-section but I left 42 hours delivery. The normal at my hospital is 72 hours but I was about to lose my mind so I begged :)
  • First baby
    4 days but she and I both had a lot of problems following birth.
    Second baby 
    25 hours after she was born I left. They were flat out busy and never checked on me after so really since it was my second baby I didn't feel the need to stay. Plus it was noisey and the beds suck. 
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  • DS was born Tuesday evening, and we stayed 4 nights. Our hospital was the bomb.com and I want a second baby just so I can go back! :)
  • 5 days....both times

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