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Has anyone used the daycare at their gym? LO will be 6 months next week and that makes her eloble to attend the daycare at my gym. I was hoping you would share your experiences with me! I am a little nervous about it.

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  • Ours is amazing! They are eligible to start at 6 weeks. An appointment must be made for children under 18months in order to keep safe ratios. They have a fully equipped room for playing & are great with the kids. If you go at the right time they are able to go play on the gym floor with hula hoops, balls, etc. This is obviously for the older kids, and is especially nice for burning off energy in the winter. The babies stay in the classroom. 
  • I loved it when DD was younger to be able to go to the gym and just drop her off.  With a gym change and other things, I understand your apprehension.  The worst part I ever had was the pages to say that a diaper needed to be changed and I was clear on the other side of the building upstairs..

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  • We belong to the Y & I drop my 3 yr DD & 11 mo. DS. They have my cell & will call when he's been upset for 10 min or even sooner if he's really upset. If I'm in the pool area they page over the speaker. The women are nice & my DD likes it. 
  • Yup. I started at just 8 weeks. Our gym daycare is great. Very experienced staff and always extra staff on sight when things get busy... They know where I am and go by the same rule as pp... Ten mins upset, they come find me. I appreciate this rule. It's the only daycare we have, and the only "me time" I regularly get, so I love it :-)
  • I work at our local YMCA daycare and love it. My daughter comes with me and loves playing with all the other kids. Like pp mentioned if a baby or child is upset for 10 minutes we always go searching for the parent 
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