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I want another baby

I want another baby- not sure if i'm insane for wanting another. 

I enjoy my girl so much and I'd like her to have a sister/brother close in age. I miss the baby cuddles, however I'm really having fun at this stage too and my daughter is great and I enjoy our one on one times and don't want to mess anything up.

How do you decide on another? We're fine in all other aspects and my husband is on board.

I'm worried about the change in the dynamics with my daughter and also the fact that I put on 80 lbs (pre-eclampsia and bed rest) and still have another 25lbs to lose! Not sure i want to add on when I haven't lost it all yet. But then, why work hard to lose it to put it on again? Ah! The choices.


Re: I want another baby

  • I want #3 heehee :p but the 18 weeks of non stop morning sickness is a big turn off, it will be hard that's for sure with my 2 daughters, a puppy, and house to take care of and being bed ridden! The first year will be a crazy roller coaster ride but so worth it at the end. I'm just gonna enjoy everything at the moment and put it in gods hands. 
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    I'm thinking about another one too. Right now, I know it's too early for our family to make a decision, but I'll seriously reconsider in late summer. I need to wean LO from the night time meal and catch up on some serious sleep first. ;)
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