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Hello Ladies, it's been 2 weeks now and I'm ready to talk. I believe this is where I belong. I lost my little Noah 2 days shy of 16 weeks. I went in for a normal apt only to find he no longer had a heart beat. I was admitted to to the hospital the next morning and he was born at 3:58 pm weighing 1.3 oz and was 5.1 inches long. He had a cystic hygroma which we thought ment he had a chromosome abnormality. We just found out that wasn't the case. We were told he was a normal male. I thought having the test would give me some answers, but it just left me with more questions... I have been lurking around here for the last 2 weeks and am very sorry for all of your losses! It's a place I never thought I would be.

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    So sorry for your loss. I lost my daughter at 23 weeks 3.5 weeks ago. She was stillborn due to Trisomy18.
  • I'm so very sorry for the loss of your little boy. Be gentle with yourself and feel whatever you need to feel. Hugs to you!
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  • I am so very sorry for the loss of your son Noah. Thinking of you and sending hugs your way!
  • @aadamson12 ;

    I am so very sorry for your loss. Sorry for what you and your husband have been through. 

    I hope that you find some comfort here, or at least just solace in knowing that you aren't alone. 

    A cystic hygroma withoutwithout a chromosomal issue sounds strange. I hope you find some answers. I am so sorry. 
  • Thank you ladies. 
  • Im so sorry for your loss.
    My experience is similar to yours. 

    My daughter paisley was born February 17th at 21 weeks 5 days.  She also had a severe cystic hygroma. We found out at 13 weeks based on her NT measurement. It was 9.7mm and a healthy measurement is supposed to be under 3mm. As the weeks progressed the fluid spread to her belly and lungs. It was very noticeable in each ultrasound. After many tests and a CVS to rule out chromosomal problems, a week before she died we found out through a fetal echo scan that she had a severe heart defect and that is what ultimately took her life.  When she was born she was very swollen all over her body.  She weighed 1lb 6oz.
    It was really hard to see her like that but they assured me that she was never in any pain.  She was still so beautiful. 

    We are still waiting on the autopsy results to know for sure but they think it was sporadic that she got this because there doesn't seem to be a genetic link. 

    It's so hard to have so many unanswered questions.  This forum is very helpful to reach out to for support
    We are all here for you and sending hugs 

  • Thank you all so much for your kind words. 
  • @aadamson12 how are you doing? I am hoping that you have some kind of support network in place, whether it is family or a good friend or a therapist you trust... thinking of you. 

    @Rach2smith  I am so sorry for your loss. Hugs to you 
  • Thank you, I am doing ok. I have a huge family that is very supportive.  My mom was the one making the phone calls when we lost him so I didn't have to talk about it. I haven't seen much of the extended family yet but I will on Easter. That will be hard because I think I'm doing ok until I start to talk about him, then I just start to cry. I do have a friend that lost her son at 22 weeks so she has been a big help in just understanding how I am feeling. Thank you for checking in!
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